Uludağ Winter Festival Postponed due to Air Opposition

The 'Uludağ Winter Festival', which is planned to be organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa on 3 - 4 February, was postponed due to the weather opposition. The festival will be held on February at 10-11 if the weather conditions are appropriate.

It is a center which contribute to Turkey's most important winter tourism centers of the year Uludag 12 bear the city's economy for the purpose of maintaining continuous efforts Metropolitan Municipality, which made it a tradition Uludag Winter Festival, was postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

If the weather conditions are favorable, the festival will be held in 10 - 11 February at Uludag Ski Center Cable Car Station. In the event of a festival, citizens, cable cars and catering tickets 28 February 2018 will be able to use any day until the date and rent a discount ski suit and team.

Detailed information about the event I www.bursakultur.co It can be accessed via internet.



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