Candidate Nurullah Albayrak, Chairman

Many years ago, and the location of various initiatives after the university shifted to the university and the last place in the center of the railway station again decided to be made next to the high-speed train station in the name of Nurullah Albayrak Leader of the Turkish Transport Sen Leader was.

Albayrak announced his candidacy with the message:

Im Dear friends,
20 years I serve in my workplace union representative, head office and branch offices of chairman of the board of directors with turkey pupose the fullest provincial representative tasks, I have endeavored to make complete and accurate tall. Thank god .

By making hundreds of press releases and participating in numerous TV programs as guests; In addition to our corporate problems, we were sensitive to everything in every field without compromising our national and spiritual stance.

15 has been serving as the opinion leader of the non-governmental organization in the chamber of commerce and industry for years. As a member of the city council and a long time, I am also a member of the administrative and human rights research and investigation commission. I serve in management positions in countless civil society organizations.

Our organization and our fight with our organization in Sivas for three years previously planned and planned, after the change of the high-speed train that is planned and changed, the current railway station, tcdd lands and the struggle for the removal of millions of money in advance to prevent the tudemsas not to go to waste it was appreciated and our struggle was justified. Finally, the project was re-planned instead of the former and our president confirmed our rightfulness.

In order to take our experiences in this and similar studies to a higher level, to take it a step further and to be in this flag race, I am the candidate of the general nature of Turkish delegation in the democracy race which is the most natural right of each delegate.

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Candidate for Turkish Transportation ayı

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