Tünektepe Project Tender was Performed Live

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, with the symbolic feature of the city will bring a serious added-value Tünektepe Project has realized the tender. At the end of 66 tour, the highest bid of 1 million 660 thousand TL + VAT and Çağdan Engineering Contracting. Singing. and Tic. Inc. and ASKA Automotive and Petroleum Products Trade. Inc. business partnership. The tender will be finalized following the review of the tender commission and the approval of the President Türel.

The Tünektepe Project, which was defined by Menderes Türel as edil a world project to decorate postcards X, was tendered under the N Closed Proposal Procedure Tür in the Metropolitan Municipality Council in accordance with the 2886 / a clause of the State Tender Act No. 35 with the Build Operate Transfer Model. Çağdan Engineering Contracting. Singing. Tic. AS-ASKA Automotive and Petroleum Products Trade. Inc. business partnership with Al-Ga İnş. Undertaking. Singing. Tic. Inc.- Altındağ Hotel Management Building San. Tic. Inc. business partnership.

35 million 746 thousand 422 pounds envisaged in the approved project of Tünektepe Project have seen a booming increase in the cost of buildings and facilities including 29 year including construction and construction period. On the condition that the construction cost of the buildings and facilities belonged to the contractor, the 150 tour started in the first year 66 one thousand liras plus VAT rate started to increase. The last bid in the tender with the 1 million 660 thousand pounds Çağdan Engineering Contracting. Singing. and Tic. Inc. and ASKA Automotive and Petroleum Products Trade. Inc. business partnership. The other company withdrew from the tender by thanking. Tünektepe Tender will be finalized upon the approval of the Municipal Council and the approval of the Mayor Menderes Türel.

Construction and construction of the structures and facilities foreseen in the approved project will be operated by 29 year including the construction-construction period. The tender includes the operation of the upper and lower station, the 6 square meters on the shore, the 24 square shade and the 1000 square deck area and the transfer to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality at the end of the period.

With the Tünektepe Project, which started with the opening of Antalya's 50-year-old cable car line, a 30-room, 60-bed touristic facility, attraction center and living area project with viewing terraces will come to life. This place will serve as a facility that the public can access and benefit from. In the project, there will be one giant orange globe between 3 Mediterranean seals. Night view will bring a different visuality to Antalya.

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