Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Route Verified

First announced by 61saat, Trabzon Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Project has entered the Investment Program of Ministry of Transport esi news.

Coron answering questions from Halil İbrahim İleli on Çay Tv announced the route of Trabzon-Erzincan Railway. Cora, the Railway Erzincan - Kelkit - Gumushane - Torul - Macka - Trabzon said the route will be done.

Noting that the railway is Trabzon's 100 annual dream, Cora said, olduğun The railway is the 100 annual dream of Trabzon. Not only during the reign of Abdul Hamid but also during Atatürk's visit to Trabzon, he set a target at the point of meeting Trabzon with the railway. Of course, for many years the problem with the railway route was discussed. Investment costs were evaluated. The facilities were limited. It was left behind due to the crisis experienced by the railways itself. But thankfully every one side of the dormitory during the AK Party period was laid with high-speed train networks. In the first years of the Republic was woven with iron nets. Now the AK Party was built with high-speed train networks, Şimdi he said.

Cora, who noted that the issue of bringing the railway to Trabzon before the elections, is among the mega projects, said: We did not express the obligation to complete the railway within the 7 days and bring the train to Trabzon. It was necessary to identify the road map and take concrete steps. Currently, the railway has entered the inventory program of the Trabzon Erzincan Railway Transport Ministry.

The route was determined. Erzincan - Kelkit - Gümüşhane - Torul - Maçka - Trabzon. This is the historic step. This needs to be on the agenda more. Things are like chocolate. The taste is forgotten to be forgotten, ”he said.

Cora continued his words as follows: He entered the Investment Program inventory. With the work of the project, it will be the promise of the tender in the years ahead. The most concrete step was taken this year.

The most concrete step in the railway history process is 26. In this period, the Minister of Interior, Süleyman Soylu, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Transport Ahmet Aslan have now entered the route. I hope the process after that process should be followed. The completion of the project, the award of the tender, the speed of the construction process, all of which must be evaluated within the 2023 vision. We took our steps about this Biz

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