News for the Erzincan Railway in Trabzon

While the Trabzon - Erzincan Railway project entered the investment program inventory of the Ministry of Transportation, Ortahisar City Council Dündar Ayyıldız made important statements regarding the issue.

Dundar Ayyildiz made statements about the railway and used the following statements;

“The fact that Trabzon - Erzincan Railway will be built and the expectation in this direction excited us all. Without a doubt, the most important feature of this railway will be the tunnel between Gümüşhane and Maçka. I have recently examined the construction of the Brenner Tunnel, which connects Austria and Italy, on site, and observed that these and similar applications will create an important prediction for Trabzon Erzincan tunnel construction. The Brenner Tunnel is a 55km long railway tunnel that starts from Innsbruck, Austria and extends to Fortezza, Italy.

An important and pleasing development on behalf of our city is the fact that the Erzincan - Kelkit - Gümüşhane - Maçka - Trabzon railway route will be built. It is necessary to benefit from the advantages of long tunnels especially in the Trabzon section of Gümüşhane in this region. There are conditions in which railway tunnels can be built longer due to the cross-sectional size of the road tunnels. Furthermore, in the case of tunnels, there are significant gains from expropriation expenses. When the tourism potential of the region is evaluated, there are separate realities that long tunnels and defective land formation will be prevented to a great extent and route shortening will occur. In order to reach the determined targets of tourism, which is extremely important for the region, the land structure will be preserved through railway investments. Long road tunnels reduce maintenance and repair operating costs. In addition, distances are shortened with decreasing slopes and significant energy savings are achieved. Long tunnels shorten the distance between cities. Therefore, both fuel saving and the amount of harmful gases emitted from the vehicles will be significantly reduced. Traveling comfort will increase with long tunnels.

Turkey; made important moves in terms of long tunnel construction. Many tunnels have been built over 10 km. Considering the current situation of our country, there is no technological obstacle to making tunnels close to 50 km. In our country, it is possible to state that railway transportation will remain within the economic transportation limits after 400-500 km distances. Considering this operating cost approach, Erzincan Trabzon railway will have a significant income-generating feature at the point of freight transportation from the hinterland. The importance of Trabzon ports will increase much, and it will be correct to state that the planned Arsin investment island will also play a vital role. "

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