Claim of 400 Workers Dies in Construction of Third Airport

Workers of the 3.havalim, they hurry up, they are pressured, no measures are taken to explain the security. Iyor In Zincirlikuyu, the dead are sent with coffins, here with body bags yol, according to the workers who said that deaths are hidden by giving money to families.

Scandals in terms of occupational safety are also experienced in the 3rd airport construction, which attracts environmentalists and scientists due to the destruction of nature. It is claimed that tens of workers have lost their lives in the construction, where 31 thousand registered people work. Employees define the construction site as a “cemetery”. The workers say that they are pressed to “hurry” and that no precautions are taken for job security. According to the workers who say, “The dead are sent off with coffins in Zincirlikuyu, with body bags here,” the deaths are hidden by giving money to the families. Many foreign workers also work at the construction site…

The news of Mehmet Kızmaz from Cumhuriyet is as follows ...

C. earthmoving truck driver. 59 Yadan and the father of 6. 3 since construction began. working at the airport site. Every day at the same time he goes to the construction site and loads his truck. He says that he does this for the future of his children: kazan On the one hand, I am making money for the future of my children while destroying their future. Bu The airport calls the construction 'workers' cemetery'. Until now, 400 says that the worker has died and that the families of the workers from Anatolia are silenced by giving money.

We set off with C. early in the morning. Overtime will last until the evening. Our path is long. We are watching the transformation of Istanbul into a concrete city. When I enter the construction site of the 3rd airport, I startled. A bare land is left from the forested areas. A few undersized trees, dried grass and grasses ... There are no traces of the region 5 years ago. While looking around with astonishment, I turn to the real world in the words of C. "3. Under the name of the airport, they take the treasure land to their friends and relatives. They confiscate the land. One officer once said to me, 'Choose the place where the excavation will be poured, I will arrange it for you through a deputy I am in contact with.' ”

He continues, olan I was in an army form (team head) in front of my last eyes, the driver of the Vietnam, whose high tonnage we call 3, was just under the vehicle with a load of 80. I followed this incident in particular. He was not involved in any newspaper, television channel or social media. Let me give you another example, when the big stones used in the construction of the metron were carried, the rope was broken. 3.5 stone, each one of which is 3 tone, fell on two workers who were children. I've never heard of this death in the press. Even the ambulance did not come and took the children in a private car. 400 workers have been killed in the construction of the airport so far. Yapım

I believe that this is the biggest cemetery in Istanbul after Zincirlikuyu. There is only one difference: in Zincirlikuyu, people are seen with coffins, from here with funeral bags. No one knows, he doesn't hear the dead workers. According to C, the family of the deceased worker is given a silence like 400 thousand TL. C. describes the tragic situation as follows: yaş When that worker 400 lives and works years, he cannot see the money next to each other. And the belief of our people, 'Fate. The dead will not die. ' The family is forced to take the money in one place. When someone is winning, someone's life is such a dungeon. Bir

We did not see TONAJ ACCOUNT
Trucks are filled with an excavation load per minute. No one controlling the load. Private security guards are busy bringing tea to the foreman. The tonnage calculation of the excavation must be done with the municipality weighbridge. For receipt. The responsibility of this work belongs to the municipal official. However, we do not coincide with any of the obligations while we are there. A security guard in the hut is getting money from trucks. The money given without any measurement varies between 30-100 TL. It is not known whether the money is written to the state's safe. The police officers arrive in the morning and drink their tea until the evening. Hundreds of tonnage vehicles work in the area. According to C's statement, there is no inspection of a vehicle. There is a private vehicle muane station called Öz - Trans. The company's job is to make a note on paper, 'This plate car went to the inspection'. Even if the vehicle does not go to the inspection, the document prepared contains the same information note. Even vehicles that do not hold the brake are on the road. At night, none of the car's tail lights are on. There are frequent accidents. Vehicles are also dangerous for the villagers.

Orkun Group, 3. One of the companies doing excavation works in the airport project. They established a private living area in Akpınar neighborhood. They even have mosques and zoos. Company executives are coming here by helicopter. We're on the road. C. tı If a normal citizen had a bus, he would have been withdrawn and sentenced. He's been there for days. . I came across this car many times with other vehicles and came to death. O C., the excavation of the village of the village of Akpınar said poured out: ınar I came to work three days ago in the morning. The minister said that he is an acquaintance, that is, the driver of the bold company owner, although he sees the gendarmerie, what we call the treadmill, has overloaded. One hand on the phone, talking. After overtaking me, she hit a car with a driver woman. He dragged her in front of the car but didn't stop. It doesn't feel like it's a machine. She couldn't get out of the car, so I go downstairs and she puts her head on the wheel and she cries. In the morning 7 a woman who goes to work with drowsiness is a huge truck. Who knows what that woman's psychology is right now. That driver does not stop because 7 / 24 is run with the time account. In a remote corner of Anatolia to go to send a few dollars to his family, "salary 1.500 TL and daily average 6 you'll make a voyage, every time you do, except you'll get 10 TL," he goes to the death by saying that the driver more time to do. He gets faster and faster when I say win. When 8 hours are normally required, the 12 clock is executed. Here the value of the worker is zero. Burada

Construction Workers Union (CONSTRUCTION) Organization Secretary Yunus Özgür de 3. According to information from members working at the airport, at least three to four workers per week are killed in work, he says. Ozgur said, normalde Labor deaths are normally hidden. 3. ”It is very difficult to reach exact information in a completely enclosed place outside the airport, havalim he says.

On television, 'truck terror' news that comes to mind. One thinks inevitably. Here, the state and the business owner, overload the truck, overworked, hurried, under pressure. Jandarmaya, the police, the cars that work here is not said to write a penalty. It is enough to see KKC (Kolin, Kalyon, Cengiz) in the vehicle. Neither the examination nor the insurance, nor the driver's license. He says I'm in an accident. Thus, 'truck terror of the state' is formed here. Genealogy of the main avrat Cengiz, here is making tons of money. Did you say, 'I work for Cengiz Holding'.

31 thousand workers are registered at the airport. This includes those brought from Vietnam and Germany. Workers are treated as slaves and have no social activities. There isn't even a proper meal in Yemakhaneler. The bathrooms are in the smell. C., yat You don't sleep here if you tie animals. But the worker from Germany here does not eat inside the workers, he brings his own food, his place of sleep, his container from his country. And the Vietnamese workers pay for their rent. More than the workers doing the same job here. Although not definite, the 2.500 dollar is mentioned, however, the insurances are also invested with high premium. But the citizens of Turkey will sign a contract worker the minimum wage. But the worker is running 12 hours. They say we're going to give up. If they do, the worker cannot claim any rights. It's up to the boss's conscience to let that money go away. On one occasion, the brickmen from Batman worked, but the bosses did not pay those workers, 'he says.

The information that the truck driver gave to the families of the workers who left the funeral bags for the bread money was given to their families by the funeral bags.

I seem to see the shopping centers and apartments that will be planted instead of the trees as the truck hangs in the destroyed forest area. C., "Now the price of a plot of land in Yeşilköy is around the land," he says, and adds: "People who spend years here instead of Izmir, Adana, Mersin, the allies benefit. Adam comes from Izmir, the airport to work without saying a penny he wants to give money wherever he wants. This place is five years later, Istanbul's Yeşilköy, Bakırköy. Even better. This guy gets 10 killed and he doesn't leave this land again. If it's given to me, I'm not leaving. A rent given by the state. This place is all rented, not something else. Airport story. Here is the Dutch who made the airport. Burada

Excavation areas were the wetlands of hundreds of animals, which had previously been picnics, where the villagers grazed their animals. In the lands that were turned into a naked area, the roots of the trees were cut with dozers. According to the defenders of nature, only the nest of the 40 bin turtle was taken away by the destruction of the forested areas. C. recalls the previous version of the region: sürül Until a few years ago, I had encountered swine herds and deer here. At present, there was a large pond at the place where the excavation dump site and the welding factory were built. The Karacans from Belgrade were there to drink water, just like the peasants grazing their animals. They say there is no more livestock. Misal Akpınar village, livestock livelihoods. And this place was the pasture of the village of Akpinar, 3 years ago, hundreds of buffalo grazed here, was drinking water. We were buying organic clean milk from the peasant, but if you went to the village, there were no more three buffalo. We didn't work on Sundays until two years ago because people were coming here on a picnic. This place was going back to the festival. I used to bring my kids with the truck, make our picnic. Before this pond, there were many beautiful fish, but now there is no such thing, they left in fairy tales. There's swamps instead of fish. 'Come on, plant the factory, the plot is yours' they said. They brought men from Izmir. When the man set up a welding factory, he was put in a treasure trove and this was his pond. When the airport is over, this man will either use it in another way or rent out or sell it to a logistics company. This money is not only for the welder but also for the pillow benefit. The rent here is nowhere. We travel in a large area from morning to evening. Have we even met a crow? Is there any smoke in the smoke, the machine can stand in the sound of no live here? '

On the way, we see the truck's license plate moving. C. also touches on this issue: ana These vehicles hit, kill, and go away. Done. Unknown perpetrator. Who's going to shoot you? The government finds it. Because of working at the airport, the punishment is flexible. The Ministry, before the 2019 elections, 'order will be rushed' orders. He's got his attention, all the trucks are herringbone. Normally my truck's load right is the maximum 42 tone. If you pass, the penalty should be applied, but all the trucks that are currently running, 80 tons around. I didn't name the firm, he fired me because I didn't put more weight on him. Adama said, 'Suppose I had an accident and someone died and when they pulled that load into the weighbridge, would you give 22 a year? I said. 'Then the work' was paid. '

It is evening after evacuating the fourth excavation. I'm like a robot. C. says he feels the same. “I first came here in 2007. Acid is now raining, not rain from machines and exhaust fumes. They make the tower of the airport in the tulip symbol and distribute the model, but let them come to Akpınar, Çiftalan, Ağaçlı and Odayeri villagers. For example, how much damage did the villagers' animals have suffered on the plot given to Öz-Trans? It doesn't matter to them. How many times did the villagers march, closed the road, but when they realized that no one had heard of them, they had to shut up. Yes, on the one hand, let's take care of our children, on the other hand, we are playing with the future of our child. Right now, I may be giving my child's electricity, water bill, rent and education, but I am a means of destroying and removing a clean, healthy future in advance. Maybe I will go to my hometown, but 10 years later, I am stealing the nature, water and oxygen of the generation that will grow here, "he says.

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