Konak Tram Arrives On Rails

Within the scope of the work of Konak Tramway of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, rail cars came on the line where rail tracks were completed. Early in the morning, Alsancak Harbor tram that saw the Izmir people could not hide their surprise.

The tram works that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented in order to ease transportation in the city and to reduce the wheeled vehicles are in progress. First completed and put into service Karşıyaka More than one thousand 30 passengers are transported daily on the tram. Konak Tram starting from the region where Üçkuyular Metro Station is located and coming to the city center along Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard will carry passengers to Halkapınar Metro when the works are finished in a short time. The municipality gave a date for the trial flights of the line connected to the transfer center in Halkapınar, the main center of the transportation system.

Trainings of the Metropolitan Municipality of rail systems under the coordination of science and infrastructure teams completed the new route was completed trains. The wagons that will carry passengers on the line were brought to the exit of IZBAN opposite the TCDD Train Station in the region of Alsancak Harbor. The train sets, which were brought to the night for the new route, where the trial flights will start, surprised the people of İzmir. In the morning, with the enlightenment of the weather, Izmir people who saw the trains took a lot of photos while the roadside sets were also attracted attention.

Source : I www.egedesonsoz.co



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