The heart of domestic automotive and national industry in Sakarya

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) by the Automotive Industry Board, 03 February 2018 Saturday, MUSIAD Sakarya Branch hosted "Automotive Vision Made In Turkey" the main theme of Turkey Consultation was held in the meeting.

Program; Governor of Sakarya İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Assoc. Dr. Hasan Ali Çelik, Erenler District Governor Salih Karabulut, Kocaali District Governor Alper Balcı, BMC Automotive Chairman Ethem Sancak, Okan University Head of Energy Systems Engineering Prof.Dr. Nejat Tuncay, MUSIAD Deputy Chairman Mahmut Asmali, MUSIAD Sector Councils Chairman Bayram Senocak, MUSIAD Automotive Sector Board Chairman Osman Ozdemir, MUSIAD Board Members, MUSIAD Branch Chairmen and leading names of the sector attended.

Dream Cars is a native of Turkey

MUSIAD President Mahmut Asmali made the opening speech of the panel, 12 for years in a row, the export champion of the automotive industry in the 2018 year by breaking his own record 30 billion dollars would carry the level of exports, he said. Asmalı said, eye The sector continues to grow and grow by taking the advantages of production quality, business delivery speed and logistics. While this upward momentum continues, we are experiencing the excitement of a further development that will drive the sector further: the domestic car! This is of course not only a matter of concern to the automotive sector; Turkey's sometimes called the "unreal" is called domestic automobile dream. Now, we are looking forward to the realization of the automobile project that will be realized with the joint venture of 5 company. When we have put our car in native universal standards, demonstration of Turkey's manufacturing and design as well as the success, I believe will bring an extremely strong prestige to our country's success. "He said.

We are moving fast on the road to becoming a self-fulfilling country

MUSIAD Automotive Industry Chairman Osman Ozdemir, said that Turkey's domestic reveal the vision of the future with the car moves. Ozdemir, "As you know, 60-year dream of Turkey's automotive industry has concrete steps in the production of domestic automakers and Turkey is now counting the days to regain their own cars. This development should not be considered only as a production capacity, industrial success. This is the point where the vision of Turkey's future show us clearly. Turkey is now, products from other countries that need to import or export has ceased to be a country that imprisons only a few products. The number of countries in which we deliver our products is expanding every year and we are taking great steps towards becoming a self-sufficient country. İhracat

Possible Turnover 10 Billion Dollars

Ethem Sancak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMC, made a speech on the issues of domestic automobile and defense industry base. Sanjak, "Sakaryalı entrepreneur, with the contribution of the national car brand to the city is focused on this issue, but the contribution of the city as a contribution to the strategic base of the defense industry will make at least 5 times more than the national car. As a result of the turnover to be generated, the national car brand will be able to produce 20 annually, and this base will be produced by 5 annually. 5 10 number of people who will work at this BMC base will pass 10 at our annual strategic plan. Possible turnover will be around XNUMX billion dollars. I say this for the preparation of the Sakarya entrepreneurs. Ası

We Are Making Our Planes and Ships With National Motors

Sakarya, Turkey Sancak that the information they carry out work to fulfill the dream of 150 years, the basic building block of the engine and transmission of the automotive industry, and stressed that no 3-4 grain monopoly in this field in the world.

Sancak said that the airplanes didn't fly, the tanks didn't run and the howitzer balls didn't explode when these companies didn't want to, ın Because the engine assembly is the most decisive thing. The Undersecretariat of Defense Industries opened a tender last year for the construction of the motor between 400 and a thousand 500 horsepower. 60 gave the month well and the money well. BMN won this tender from 5-6 company. We are currently working on the 70 foreign 200 to perform this task in an incubator center. They have a very competent and proven scientist. The first TURKSAT satellite launches with the national resources Osman Dur is in the beginning of our teacher. Our government wanted an engine of 400-1500 horsepower, we are not satisfied with this, we are trying to build the engine up to 5 thousand horsepower. We wanted to run our aircraft with our own national engines. This will be the center of mass production Sakarya. In that respect, Sakarya should prepare himself. O

Sakarya Speed ​​Train Wagon Base Center

Stating that they will establish a wagon factory in Sakarya recently, Sancak said, lar We are establishing an 4 factory in Sakarya. For him 10 thousand people I say. The base of the high-speed train car will be Sakarya. This is as important as the domestic automotive industry, because this Silk Road will be a great market. Our country will invest only 5 billion euros in the next 35 year in this area. This strategic partnership we made will be exported to the 40 country in Asia from the factory here. Technology will be one hundred percent Turkish technology. We have nationalized the patent on that condition. Patent

We will industrialize, produce

Sakarya city and highlighted the importance of industrialization to Sakarya Turkey MUSIAD Chairman Yasar Coskun, "going through industrialization Economics from the first step of the development direction. Industrialization should be seen as a struggle for existence and poverty. The economic superiority of industrialization and economic superiority also have a say in the world. We are aware that non-industrialization means to be in need of others and to under their dominance over time. San

As a result of the devotion of a community with Islamic sensibility, a society with a social, moral, cultural, political tradition; We are taking a lot of sound steps of a reconstructed industry concept by preserving and preserving its own values. I hope that these steps taken for our National Car will have a guiding position in the name of the studies to be carried out for our National Aircraft. Milli

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