Tender Time in Izmir Great Bay Project

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has reached an important stage in the goal of ecological recycling in the gulf. 5 firms, 10 foreign and 7 firms participated in the first phase of the consultancy tender for the screening and creation of natural islands. The tender included 2 companies from Italy, and one company from the Netherlands, England and Belgium.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make Izmir Bay “floatable” by preventing shallowness, has taken another important step within the scope of “Gulf and Port Rehabilitation Project”. Planning to open a circulation channel of 13.5 kilometers long, 250 meters wide and 8 meters deep on the northern axis of the Gulf, İZSU transfers 25 million cubic meters of dredging material from the channel to the recycling area next to Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant and transmit the scanned material to the natural islands in the most convenient way. he also went on international tenders for island design and preparation of island implementation projects. In the first stage of the tender with the "Certain Bidders Procedure", the prequalification applications of the tenderers were received. 5 firms, 10 foreign and 7 firms participated in the tender for “Preparation of consultancy services for the preparation of projects related to dredging works and wildlife island”.

In the first phase of the tender, which will take place in two stages, the commission will examine the prequalification applications of the firms. Competent firms will be invited to tender. In the second stage, the technical proposals and financial envelopes of the companies invited will be taken. The financial proposals of the firms with sufficient technical proposals will be opened in the presence of the participants. The contract will be signed with the company with the highest score by taking into consideration the technical and financial evaluation points. The company that won the tender, 1 will prepare the design and implementation projects related to the screening method in the year, transferring the scanned materials to the area of ​​recovery - in the most appropriate way to the islands of natural habitat and the islands of natural life.

Companies participating in the tender
Yüksel Proje, Artı Proje, Proger SPA (Italy) and ECAP Engineering business partnership, Arcodis Nederlant BV (Netherlands) and Tümaş Türk A.Ş joint venture, Moffatt Nichol ( England) and Fugro Sial Earth Sciences Business partnership, Anteagroup Antea (Belgium) and SJS Engineering (Italy).



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