Information Meeting for Contractor Workers

TÜRK-İŞ President Ergün ATALAY participated in the meeting, Information of outsourced workers who were not covered by 696, organized by Yol-İş Trade Union.

696 was held in 8 February 2018 meeting hall in the General Directorate of Highways on Thursday.

TÜRK-İŞ President Ergün ATALAY and TÜRK-İŞ General Financial Secretary Ramazan AĞAR made evaluations about the outsourced workers.

President ATALAY began his words by referring to Operation Operation of Olive Branch in Afrin. President ERDOĞAN's party meeting in the group of staff will be assigned to the subcontractor announced that the result, the result of the decree of the 696 as a result of the private budget organizations, SOEs are out of the scope of contract workers working in the scope reminded.

Kur As stated by the president, everyone should pass to the staff without any unconditional rule “

ATALAY stated that there is no staff given to the workers doing the actual job. I want to bring to the agenda of the President, as stated by the President, everyone without any unconditional rules. 1 million people come into the squad. The 70-75 doesn't find any of that. If you make 100 mileage, if you forget the 100 meter, no one talks about the way you do, the 100 speaks the meter. Dear Minister of Transport, General Director of Highways have to be in front of us and they have to follow these things. If we want to ensure peace in institutions, if we want to provide peace of mind, including all the SEEs outside the roof must be taken under. If they don't, we'll continue to talk about it in every environment, on every platform. We don't let this go. We will keep on the side of those who are manic. Bu

Referring to the importance of the operation carried out in Afrin ATALAY,, This soldier is our soldier, this country is our country. If something happens to the country, we cannot sleep, we cannot walk, we cannot talk about the issue of the worker. I address the issue of the workers of the highways and the problems of the workers in the SEEs as soon as possible, and call upon them to be staffed and to be under the roof of the state. The joy of our subcontractors should not be under the shadow of SEEs and other staff members. Taş

”We want the staff for all subcontracted workers without exception“

At the beginning of his speech, Ramazan AĞAR, General Secretary of TÜRK-İŞ, emphasized that at the beginning of his speech, YOL-İŞ and TÜRK-İŞ supported Afrin operation and they were beside the state. AĞAR, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his speech at the group meeting reminded that the public employees of the public works 900 thousand subcontractors will be recruited, recalling that the President of the government 's contract workers to be recruited by the gospel workers, their families and was welcomed by the unions. However, as a result of the Decree Law no. 696, the fact that the agency workers working in the SEEs were excluded from the scope of this satisfaction led to the bitterness. Subcontracted workers working on highways were excluded. Contract labor and staff with the problem of Turkey's agenda as the Business Road-most members of Highways workers and we have been victimized, "he said.

AGAR continued his speech as follows:

With the Decree Law No. 696, workers who are excluded from the scope of Highways, workers who work next to the subcontractors who undertake turnkey works such as road maintenance and repair services, snow combat services, which are part of the main job, are composed of workers. At present, the number of employees working in turnkey subcontractors is around 10 thousand. In this decree, our workers around the 10 thousand were excluded. The second group, which is not covered by the scope, consists of 5 thousand people who do all kinds of work in the tunnels under the consultancy services with the workers who provide maintenance and services of the tunnels in the tunnel management. The total number of subcontractors in the highways, which are excluded from the scope of the same decree, which does not benefit from the regulation, is around 16 thousand in total. This is a disappointing table for workers and their families. It was not only the Highways workers who were excluded by the Decree, but also the subcontractors working in general budgeted institutions, private budget organizations and SEEs. We do not emphasize only our own Highways. We don't want a squad for workers on highways. We ask the staff for all subcontracted workers without exception. Biz

AĞAR emphasized that they wanted President Erdoğan to finish this work with chick and auspicious. Söy President, Prime Minister, we will tell you about our troubles and troubles. We've said so far, you've always found a solution. We believe you will be a cure for this problem. We have full confidence in you. Our government, and we all set out for the subcontractor. If we went out as the whole subcontracted workers, so let's complete this job in he said.

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