Smart City Kayseri Mobile App Launched

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's corporate mobile application Smart City Kayseri started to be used with great interest. Users of devices with Android and IOS operating system can download the mobile application of the Metropolitan Municipality and benefit from the facilities offered in many areas from transportation to city information system, from mobile map to culture and art activities.

With the new mobile application developed by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Smart City Kayseri, citizens can access the information they want to reach more easily and easily. The mobile application, which will provide great convenience to daily life, was uploaded to Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik attaches great importance to the mobile application Smart City Kayseri in many areas makes it possible to reach information in the fastest way. The "Transportation" menu in the mobile application can be used to query any stop number and the buses passing through that station can be seen and you can learn when the bus will arrive at the station. If the stop number is not known, the location information of the phone can be opened and the list of the nearest stops can be reached. In addition, the QR code placed in the stops can be read by the smart phone and the list and the time of the buses passing through the station can be seen without using an external program.

From the bisiklet Transportation en menu of the Mobile Application, you can find the line routes, departure times, stops and names on the route, the location of the buses on the route, how many miles the bus has last passed, the nearest ticket sales points, the nearest bicycle stops at the bus and tram stops, and it is also possible to see a taxi stop nearby.


Thanks to the City Information System in Mobile Application, the nearest hospital, pharmacy, gas station, historical artifacts, free wifi areas, notaries, ATMs, mosques, schools, car parks, bicycle stops, taxi stops can be reached with important places such as. All of this information, as well as street, street, neighborhood, building and how to go to locations such as district is also very easy with the Mobile App. With the relevant menu of the application, it is possible to reach the information of the people who died daily and the tombs of these people and the address of the condolence place. The mobile application makes it possible to access population information and neighborhood contact information easily and quickly.


The location, time and location information of the cultural art activities organized by the Metropolitan Municipality and the news about the Metropolitan Municipality can be easily reached with the Mobile Application. The mobile application enables citizens to communicate their requests and complaints quickly and easily to the Municipality and to follow their requests via SMS.


The Mobile Application, designed by the Metropolitan Municipality to bring great convenience to daily life, also offers Mobile Map service. With Mobile Map, it also allows to view address data such as building, door number, work place, school, mosque, pharmacy, hospital, street, street, boulevard. The Mobile App also provides fast access to citizens to the pending zoning plan changes.

To download the application designed for devices with Android operating systems Click here.
To download the application designed for devices with iOS operating systems Click here.

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