Smart City Bursa Is Waiting For Your Ideas

The web platform prepared by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality offers citizens the opportunity to communicate their ideas about Bursa in the field of smart urbanism.

Smart Cities, transportation, health, management, environment, energy under the head of information with the support of information and communication technologies in the city is managed effectively, sustainable development-oriented, quality of life, competition is developed and in this context, the city management and citizens to increase communication channels between cities being expressed.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which uses information technologies intensively in the scope of Smart Urbanism and Municipality works, has prepared a web platform that will allow everyone with the idea of ​​the city to participate. The platform was created in order to raise awareness about 'Smart Urbanism' and to enable citizens to participate in this area to present and discuss the current, ongoing and planned projects of the municipality.

Smart city survey and idea sharing

Metropolitan Municipality's Smart Urbanization studies are becoming more secure and fast thanks to its strong infrastructure. The data center, which is established within the structure of the Metropolitan Municipality Data Processing Center and has an international certificate, has developed all the systems and technologies of the technology in order to provide quality and uninterrupted service to the residents.

Metropolitan Municipality, transportation, society, environment, health and management under the headings of current, ongoing and planned projects will be provided to provide detailed information, ideas can be transmitted within the scope of ideas within the scope of Smart Urbanism. In the survey section, it will be possible to fill the questionnaire in Smart Urbanism field and share it with the Metropolitan. The ideas, suggestions and questionnaire results are intended to contribute to investments in Smart Urbanism.

Bursa infrastructure is one of the most powerful cities

It is the first municipality in Bursa, which is one of the most powerful cities with its 600 km fiber optic cable communication network, and the first municipality to be certified by the Metropolitan Municipality. In line with this certificate, system rooms have been designed and a modern system has been created in order to ensure the system is sustainable and uninterrupted.

To the web platform created with the aim of providing the citizen oriented planning and maximum benefit of technological investments .

Details of the Urbanism Smart concept in the world and in Turkey later this sample cities in vision, arranged in the Smart Urban areas in Turkey to obtain information about the municipality and NGOs related legislation will be possible this platform.

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