Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower Will Be Opened in 2018 Year

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: Radyo (Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower) With the spring, the processes will accelerate again. We refrain from giving history. The wind we've given before didn't let us. Our goal this year hopefully to finish it. Sene

Arslan, Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower construction found.

After the investigations, journalists gave information about the last point reached in the studies and pointed out that the wind does not operate the tower crane and lifts the tower in 30 km / h.

Arslan, who pointed out that a piece of art that could be a symbol for Istanbul, was given, gave the following information:

Uz The 221 meter is a high-rise antenna with 144,5 meter steel construction antennas on it, and it is the 23 meter, the 387 meter. If you consider the height of the 387 meter to the 118 meter at sea level, we will be able to see all parts of Istanbul when you reach the top of the tower.

We don't do this to symbolize Istanbul as a symbol for Istanbul. We are doing this tower in order to eliminate the pollution caused by TV and radio transmitters originating from the antennas in Istanbul and to replace it with a single antenna and a single tower. Bu

Arslan explained that they wanted to install other functions during such a masterpiece. One of them told us that there are terraces with 33 meters on the 34 and 366,5 floors and 371 meters with XNUMX meters.

Arslan pointed out that the guests from Istanbul could watch Istanbul and 39 and 40 said that there would be restaurants on the first floors and they would be at 393,5 meters with sea level 398 meters.

”The process is long and must follow each other“

Minister Arslan said that the tower would be composed of 49 floors, 4 floor would be under the ground and the rest would be at the top.

N In the 12 meter steel construction consisting of 144,5 parts, we have finished the 144,5 meter by adding each piece into the concrete block and adding it to the top. After we add the 23,5-meter spine on it, we pull it up. Those who saw the outside of the concrete block after a long period of time were perceived as not doing any work here, but it should be known that the steel construction on it was manufactured by adding a full thousand 200 ton inside.

The 221 part of the 31-meter concrete block was removed to the upper side. That 31 meter 144,5 meter steel construction plus 23 meter spine with the 167 meter will be part of the stage stage. While performing these pulling processes, we can make strolls on one of the 24 meters which we call cheers. Each of these two people can be boiled with two people, if you want you can not stack many items. In

This work is done while the rings to connect the antenna again, every 1 meters in the ring in the steel structure is mounted on the output after the source was made by specifying, said:

Kon Therefore, there are processes that are long and must follow each other. You don't have a chance to do a lot of work at the same time, you can do it in a certain period. Because inside work does not appear from the outside, there is a perception that something is not done, but it must be known that a very serious work is done inside. And as this thousand 200-ton construction goes upward, it also has a balance weight of 200 tonnes. We're raising a weight of one thousand 400 tons. After this thousand 400 tons of weight is fully up and the operations are finished, a concrete thickness of 2,5 meters will be made. When this flooring concrete is constructed and its installation is completed, we will also reduce the weight of the 200 tone we call the balance weight back. Tamamlan

“We can work as long as weather permits“

Underlining that an important work has been done Arslan, such a important job is to follow the sequence of transactions that should follow each other, he said. Tı So it goes so hard, it looks like that. Taş Arslan said that at such a high altitude, the wind had to allow us to carry such a large mass.

When the wind speed 30 km / hour, the current lift and tower cranes are not working, noting that Arslan, found the following evaluations:

“So we have to wait. We can work as long as the weather permits. Although we worked outside during the winter period, we did not have much chance to work outside. We should have emphasized him. I hope the spring will accelerate the process again. Our goal this year, hopefully to finish this place. The wind that we have previously given history would not let us. We refrain from giving history. Tarih

”We will be finishing the outer garment from the top to the bottom“

Minister Arslan stated that the exterior of the tower had a different structure and showed the model of the tower and said:

Iz Depending on the outward appearance, we will dress the reinforced concrete part. We do the first 4 solid below, we assemble each other, then pull up. Then we assemble the second 3 solid again and mount it to the top part. Then we'll do the same process on a lower floor, pull it up and mount it. At the end we will mount the 5 solid up on the horse. On the contrary, we will have finished the outer garment from the top to the bottom and not completely from the bottom up to the other construction. We have two panoramic elevators on both sides. We will be able to take both our guests to the cruise floors and the restaurant floors.

Our expectation is to bring our guest from Istanbul to Istanbul or 4.5 million in a year and show them to Istanbul. We will have gathered the transmitters in a single tower, eliminated image pollution, provided a much better quality publishing service, and we will welcome our guests coming to Istanbul and add value to the silhouette of Istanbul. Hem

”FM / Radios will be moved in the first place“

Minister Arslan, construction workers wishing for convenience, erek The world is doing a job first. a steel construction with a weight of one thousand 400 tons is raised above the 220 meter of reinforced concrete. In doing so, the needle is digging wells with a needle and doing the necessary steps to follow each other. God willing, we finish the service and remove the transmitters in Büyük Çamlıca and hope that the pollution of the image will be eliminated. Hizmet

According to the information given in the meeting, FM / Radios will be moved to the first stage when the tower is completed and the television will be moved after switching to digital broadcasting. The tower aims to eliminate electromagnetic pollution by combining frequencies.


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