Hospital Focused Service from Samulaş

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SAMULAŞ, 2017 announced that they have been serving as a training and research hospital with the express and ring lines that they put into service as of the end of the year.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality bought 70 buses to be used in urban public transportation in the past months. SAMULAŞ stated that the ring and express lines, which were put into service as of the end of 2017, provide services especially focused on the Training and Research Hospital.

Informing the public about the issue, SAMULAŞ Operations Manager Sevilay Germi Telci said, "SAMULAŞ, which has almost mobilized to ensure safe and comfortable transportation of the people of Samsun, continues its works for this purpose with new express and ring lines.


Telci made the following statements about the new express and ring lines of the Training and Research Hospital: “The E13 Express line, which was put into service on 4 November, will take the route of Büyük Mosque - Cumhuriyet Square - Kılıçdede - Duruşehir - Research Hospital at 15-minute intervals in the morning and evening. At other times, it serves at intervals of 20 minutes. The E13 Express line, which was also put into service on 5 November, is on the route of 19 Mayıs University - Atatürk Boulevard - Cumhuriyet Square - Barış Boulevard - Research Hospital - Bus Station, at 15-minute intervals in the morning and evening at peak hours, and at 20-minute intervals at other hours of the day. servicing."

Operational Manager Telci also reminded that there is the Türkiş-Research Hospital-Baruthane and Kalkanca R6 ring vehicles that provide an hourly service by SAMULAŞ.


According to the information obtained from SAMULAŞ, there are also 11 lines served by Training and Research Hospital Focused Samulaş and Private Public Buses. The private public bus lines that focus on the Research Hospital are:

Number 3 every hour Cumhuriyet Square - Research Hospital, every half hour 15/17 University - Research Hospital, 28 every two hours Cumhuriyet Square - Research Hospital - Kadamut, every half hour 24 University - Research Hospital, every 23 hour Municipal Houses - Research Hospital - Toybelen, an hourly number 22 Municipal Houses - Research Hospital - Dingle, number 26 every hour Municipality Houses - Research Hospital - University At 10 minutes in the morning and 20-30 minutes in other hours, at 25-20 minutes every hour Municipality Houses - Research Hospital At intervals of 30 minutes in the morning, XNUMX minutes in other hours.

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