Tramways in Samsun

SAMULAŞ, within the structure of the 29 light rail vehicle and 91 bus Samsun Samsun Metropolitan Municipality provides urban public transport services.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ's buses and trams are regularly cleaned every day to ensure that they travel with peace of mind and disinfection of vehicles with ozone gas is carried out periodically.

Clearly cleaned every day
SAMULAŞ continues to provide safe, comfortable and high quality service by aiming maximum passenger satisfaction in public transportation and by using advanced technology solutions with its innovative management approach based on these principles. In this context, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which is frequently used by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, the high level of cleanliness of the tram and buses are given importance. Buses and trams for public transportation services that are started in the morning as of 06.15 are cleaned every day after being meticulously cleaned.

TELCİ, internal and external sections are cleaned and continuous hygiene is provided
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ Operation Manager Sevilay Germi Telci told the press members ğı As SAMULAŞ, we spend the 19 time of the day giving public transportation services to Samsun. Tram and Bus service starts in the morning as of 06.15. After the last expeditions at 23.45, our buses and trams are towed to the parking areas and they find 1 at night. Apart from public transportation, our tram and buses are cleaned and cleaned. Vehicle cleaning, internal and external cleaning is done in two stages. External cleaning is carried out by the operators with automatic vehicle cleaning machines. In the interior cleaning, the windows are wiped, places are moped and all surfaces including handles are cleaned in detail. In addition, not only our vehicles, our stations are cleaned with the same care and precision. Lar

Operations Manager Germi temizlik In cleaning, the chemical components are odorless, especially in order not to disturb the passengers, cleaning products are used. In addition to anti-disinfectant cleaning products to clean the microbes, disinfection with ozone gas is provided for the first time in our country about two years ago.

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