Public Transportation is Uncomplicated

Organized Industrial Zone Supreme Council (OSBÜK) members visited Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in Izmir, where they came for the Aegean summit. Turkey's industrialists from different cities, rail and said that they closely follow the investment fair in Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu hosted the members of OSBÜK (Organized Industrial Zone Supreme Board) who came to the city for the consultation meeting of 50 organized industrial zone in Aegean Region. Konya, Adana, Antalya, Kocaeli, Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Eskisehir, Bursa, Kayseri, Çorum and Mersin representatives of the Board members, Izmir rail system and fair organization closely followed their investments, he said. Stating that the city has become a brand in the fair organization, OSBÜK members said that many important fairs abroad were far from the city center and Izmir gained a significant advantage due to the fair complex, which is right next to the airport and half an hour from the center of the city.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they expropriated an area of ​​340 acres before hitting the dig for the Fair İzmir investment in Gaziemir and said, “We produced a work with 100 percent municipal resources and delivered it to our fair organization company İZFAŞ. Now we are hosting the world's leading fairs with pride, ”he said.
Reminding that they have taken over the rail system from 11 kilometers to 178 kilometers, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “It is not possible to facilitate public transportation without developing the rail system. As a country, we are too late for these investments. There is a flat ground in Konya, Eskişehir, Ankara; they are very lucky. In our country, sandstone, granite, loam, rock; all floors are available. Also, the protected area is very wide. Despite all this, we are systematically expanding our rail system network ”.

During the visit, Memiş Kütükçü, Vice Presidents Bekir Sütçü and Ali Bahar and Board members Hakkı Attaroğlu, Adem Ceylan, Ömer Ünsal, Seyit Ardıç, Hüseyin Durmaz, Tahir Nursaçan, Mustafa Yağlı, Sabri Tekli and Deputy Secretary General Serkan Ata were present.



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