Pledge is left in İZBAN

15 'Artı para' application in İzmir Suburban Train on February 1, victimized student of 17 Ardahan Bircan

Izmir, Aliaga and Selcuk district between the 136 kilometers, even operating in İZBAN'da 15 'Plus money' into service as of February, continues to victimize citizens.

Accordingly, a passenger should be allowed to board İZBAN.


New Asır'dan NIDA According to ALADAG'a, Izmirim Card, which does not have extra money to be blocked in the 17 student Ardahan Bircan, did not get out of cash, Halkapınar stood at İZBAN stop. Authorities to explain the situation, nobody is interested in indicating that Bircan, 'I use a student city card. I am studying in Çeşme, I came to Halkapınar İZBAN by using Üçyol metro on the way back to İzmir and encountered a warning of insufficient balance. I was stranded in Halkapınar for hours because I did not have cash money.


Abraham Bircan father who took his son and save, '' My son was not aware of the system. 1.65 TL on the card to stay because I can not ride. That's not the concept of social municipality. Citizen's victimized practice cannot be fair.

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