Attention to those using the Metro in Bursa

The use of emergency equipment in the subways out of purpose is hampering the public transportation.

In the studies carried out by BURULAŞ, it has been determined that emergency equipment in metros, which are preferred in public transportation in Bursa, has been used more and more recently. Officials warned to be careful about the issue, dur Unconscious and / or ill-intentioned passengers, unnecessary use of the 'Emergency Door Release Handle' and 'Emergency Brake', stopping the operation of the train, interrupt the flights are causing. In fact, this unnecessary intervention to be repeated, the end of the passenger's evacuation and the complete withdrawal of the vehicle range from the expedition to the withdrawal, Hatta he explained.

In the case of unnecessary use of emergency equipment, the driver must also reset the equipment to the vehicle in which the incident occurred. Iğ When the event occurred in the vehicle at the end of the series, the driver would reach the vehicle at a distance of 120 meters. he needs to get him. Despite the warning labels on the use of emergency equipment in metros unnecessarily, they will be lodged in the public prosecutor's office against those passengers who are likely to cause serious injury or death which may prevent other passengers' freedom of travel. Lar Authorities called on citizens to be careful and sensitive.

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