Manisa Preparing for Environmental Transportation

Construction works for the station will be used for charging and maintenance of electric buses to be used in urban transportation in Manisa. Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, said that he was hoping to make an investment of around 90 million TL with charging stations.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has made investments in Manisa's needs, has started to work for the electric buses which will serve in the coming months. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz Gençoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Mümin Deniz, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department Ertuğrul Yıldırım, Head of Municipal Police Department Aydoğan İra, Press and Public Relations Department Head Erdinç Karaköse and Intercity Bus Terminal In the study of charge and maintenance station carried out in.

90 million TL investment
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün stated that they have made an investment of around 90 million TL with the environmental electric buses and charging stations.'Lik Manisa is experiencing a great problem in the city traffic point. We have made our electric bus tender in the last months as you know in the point of solving the problems caused by the service vehicles and other vehicles within the city in our main arteries. 18 units and 20 meters of 25 units will be delivered in mid-July and the construction works of the buildings in the region will be carried out for all kinds of maintenance. As Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, we invest approximately 2 million TL in our buses and in these charging stations. Simultaneously, we plan to complete the existing construction. Soil work is completed. A nice investment for our Manisa. Man

Be good
President Ergün stated that they had hit the city with their troubles and said, lar Of course, this investment is also a leg in the Organized Industrial Zone. Our company Sait Türek, the Head of the Organized Industrial Zone, undertook the construction of a smaller area than the existing area. I would like to thank him for the Manisa people. The model is a little smaller in the Organized Industrial Zone. Good luck. I once again thank those who contributed. As Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, we are realizing our investments one by one at the point of solving the problems of the city. Man

With craftsmen and citizens sohbet It has
Mayor Ergün then visited the tradesmen at the Intercity Bus Terminal. Shaking hands with terminal shopkeepers and citizens sohbet Manisalılar for the modern Teachers' Lodge Interchange and Landscaping.

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