Dawn Prayer for Mehmetçik, who participated in Operation Olive Branch from MOTAŞ


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services Motaş AŞ. Chauffeurs in support of their beloved prayers they gave to Mehmetçiğe

With the dawn of the public transport of Malatya 'Bismillah' every day to exit from the garage saying that the MOTAŞ drivers who are martyred in the movement of the Olive Branch are praying for the Hero Mehmetçikler.

distributing terrorist nests, to ensure Turkey's border security and Syria to settle in an environment where they can live in peace to the people of the Turkish Armed launched in Afrin by Force Olive did dawn prayers for soldiers clashing in the Department of Operations.

The vehicles that will run on the lines have to depart from the daylight to reach the flight times. For this reason, the drivers come together to get out of the garage without dawn and first of all the prayer and the 'Bismillah' are saying that they are collecting vehicles from the garage.

The recalls of the vehicles in the back of the garage and the heroic poems of the prayers and reading heroic reminders of our history.

MOTAŞ employees who donated blood to the Red Crescent Blood Center with the thought that they would be needed in the first days of the Operation of the Olive Branch, then visited the Malatya Military Regional Training Center and applied to go to the army.



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