Logistics Village to Increase Konya's Production

19 August Construction works of Konya Logistics Village, which is the foundation of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in 2017, continues

Konya Kayacık Logistics Village, which will contribute greatly to the economy of Konya, continues its work without slowing down. The Association of Logistics Association (LODER) President Doctor Mehmet Tanyaş and Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association (ASKON) President of Konya Yakup Yıldırım gave information about the project.


Logistic Emphasizing that villages are very important, Tanyaş said, lojistik Logistics villages, a cluster structure where all logistical elements are together and logistics services are jointly taken together. Therefore, it is something that reduces costs and facilitates the use of the codes of each of the transport modules. Therefore, in the concept of logistic villages, there is a highway connection, customs, warehouses and anthroporas, all the logistic concepts are combined, and the industrialist uses all these elements together and can export better. As you know, one of Turkey's most important industrial city of Konya Organized Industrial Zone. Industrial city means a city that is burdened with loads and loads. Konya needed a Logistic Village. I wrote a report to MUSIAD in Konya. So it's extremely important. This project will increase our storage quality, improve our transport quality and increase our connection to other provinces. It was a much needed project. It is very gratifying and profitable for TCDD to take it into the program and start the investment. He was fulfilled a job which was necessary in the sense. I see it as a very good development. Çok

KONYA is one of the best cities in this area

Turkey is a developing country export-oriented, there is no other way. Turkey has to increase exports and would have to increase the export value per kilogram. So you have to make more technological, technological products such as mobile phones. I think Konya is one of the good cities in this area with its machinery industry power. In order to support the Konya industry, the Public - Private - Municipal system needs to act jointly. With good promotion and marketing and good operation, they will have very important contributions. Çok


President of ASKON Konya Yakup Yıldırım said that the Logistics Center will become the center of trade in Konya and emphasized that the Logistics Center is important for both Konya and our country. Yıldırım said that the geographical advantages of Konya will emerge more with the project: aks Logistics Village will connect the dynamics of the East - West - North - South axis and serve the logistics of the whole country from Central Anatolia to our economy. In this respect, the center of our city is very important. In terms of location, our Logistics Center is adjacent to the airport. Our air and railways will be integrated through the logistics center. When the Logistics Center is completed in the coming years, it will connect the Organized Industrial Zones. In this way, container transport over these lines can be done. Container transportation is important for companies that produce first-order. Ankara - İstanbul - Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Lines will be completed in the coming years with Kayseri Aksaray Seydişehir Antalya Konya Karaman Ulukışla Mersin. Konya logistics center, Konya's economy, production of foreign trade export business will create a great carrier value. In this sense, logistics center is important in our country within our city. I think it will pave the way for investors who will come to our city when it is completed in the coming years in terms of both air and railway transportation. Hem

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