İBB 120 Authorized to Borrow 137,5 Million Euros for Metro Vehicle

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal was granted 120 million euro from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to purchase 137,5 units. İBB Council Member Hakim Sağlam, speaking on behalf of the CHP Group, who voted for the majority of votes in the IBB Parliament, said: CH 5 does not need to buy the wagons to be used after the year. This is not saving, it is the wrong decision, Bu he said.

The tender for the X 120 Unit Metro Vehicle Supply UM was issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury at the 25 July 2017. In order to realize the project, it is stated that there is a need for external borrowing of 137 million 530 thousand 635 Euro plus insurance premium. The report on the borrowing demand for the agenda of the IMM Parliament this month was accepted by majority vote of the members of the AK Party. IBB President Mevlut Uysal was given the right to borrow.

IMM's 2018 borrowing capacity was announced as 25 billion liras.


İBB Council Member Right, who spoke on behalf of the CHP Group who voted against the decision adopted by the majority vote in the IBB Parliament, reminded that the 6 metro project was canceled. Scott Ak Partililerine, araç What will you do with these tools? The foundation of Üsküdar - Çekmeköy metro line was laid in 2012, the wagons were taken in 2013. But the line was opened in 2018. No need to buy the wagons that will be used after 5 years. This is not saving, it is wrong decisions, Bu he said.

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