IMM Reversed the Cancellation Decision for Metro Tenders

İBB President Mevlüt Uysal, who announced that he canceled the tender of 2018 metro lines in the first days of 6 to make it more economical and faster, has now announced that they have decided to continue by making additional protocols with 6 of the 4 metro lines canceled. Reacting to the confusing statement, CHP's IMM Assembly Member Tarık Balyalı said, “Is managing IMM a child's play?” asked.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal announced that the 2 76,9 metro line of 6, which was approved by 12 on January, has canceled 859 billion XNUMX million TL tender. The decision about the decision to cancel the bomb falling to the agenda, "Metro lines are extended and re-projected, in order to be made more economically and faster, the aforementioned tenders have been canceled" was made.


SözcüAccording to the report of Özlem Güvemli, Mevlüt Uysal said on February 19, that the cancellation decision was revoked by making a new statement on the subject at the ceremony of joining the tunnels of the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line. Uysal said, “Our subway constructions in Istanbul do not end before 5-6 years. We invited the companies and said, 'We want the metro constructions to be completed very quickly.' Companies, 'We have contracts. We are already doing it, 'they said. After that, we sent a cancellation letter. They all came. We said to them, 'We want it to end on time.' While the subways in the world end in an average of 3-4 years, why do we end in 7-8 years? Why do we always go around the upper limits? ” We asked the question, "he said.


President Uysal stated that the contractor companies gave them reasoning that the expropriations were delayed due to the fact that the expropriations did not result quickly and that the necessary permits were not taken out very quickly from the institutions such as the Monuments Board and they found these reasons reasonable and said: do your job 'we said. Company officials' said they would be pleased. Therefore, if the construction of Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line is completed in time, the end of 2018 will be finished at the beginning of 2019. We are committed to this and we are making additional protocols. We have reached an agreement on the completion of the Çekmeköy section at the present Göztepe-Ataşehir-Ümraniye Line and before the Üsküdar-Ümraniye Line, which we opened before. In other words, we decided to continue the additional protocol with 6 from the canceled 4 subway line. The other two. Halkalı-Bahçeşehir Metro Line with a change in the route according to the new method is working with the income generating project. We will shape it in at least two months. In the Pendik-Tuzla Metro Line, we will continue with the same tender if we agree with the producer with a small itinerary change. Pend


Expressing the questions in mind about the confusing subway statement, CHP member IMM Assembly Member Tarık Balyalı said, “The reason for cancellation was not economical. Have the tenders become economical in the past 1.5 months? Will we continue to pay for expensive metro auctions, even as Istanbulites? " said. "Is this a piece of cake?" asked Balyalı, “You are managing the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Don't they know what they're doing, how many money they're bidding, what happens if they cancel? Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of 15 million. Istanbul does not deserve such a serious understanding of management. ” Balyalı also noted that when the official sources are examined, none of the subway tenders seem to be officially canceled.


. Kaynarca-Pendik-Tuzla metro line: 1 billion 613 million TL-Alsim Alarko

. Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli metro line: 2 billion 342 million TL- Doğuş, Özaltın, Yapı Merkezi

. Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe metro line: 2 billion 469 million TL- Gülermak, Nurol

. Kirazlı-Halkalı metro line: 2 billion 414 million TL-Makyol, Astur, İçtaş, Kalyon

. Başakşehir-Kayaşehir metro line: 969 million 114 thousand TL-Özgün, Şenbay, Söğüt

. Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir metro line: 3 billion 49 million TL-Makyol, IC İçtaş, Astur

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