Historical Hijaz Railway to Find Life through Museum

President of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). Serdar Çam is visiting Jordan to review the projects carried out by TİKA, especially the restoration of Hicaz Railway Amman Station, and to get information about office work. President of TIKA, Turkey's Ambassador in Amman Abdul Hamid second period with Murat Karagoz and commissioned with the construction of the new museum building by TIKA restoration work was carried out observations in the Hejaz Railway Station in Amman.

Serdar Çam, who also met with Hicaz Railways Manager Azmi Nalçik, expressed his pleasure for the restoration of this historical station by TIKA. The project is also of great importance for not only said that countries in the region who pine for Jordan, "The project will contribute to the relations between the two countries, such as Turkey and Jordan will connect people to each other. We see that old locomotives and other items with traces of history are still kept here. Thank you for protecting the historical fabric here. ” said.

“We want to make it a tourism center”

TIKA President Serdar Çam stated that they will renew this station in the best way in accordance with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and they want to turn the station into a tourism center with the museum to be built. Reminding that he described the Second Abdulhamid's Hicaz Railway, which will be remembered in the 100th anniversary of his death in the coming days, with the words “My old dream”, Çam made a beautiful memory of our future civilization and left such a beautiful memory to future generations. said they were pleased. Amman Ambassador Murat Karagöz stated that he closely followed the restoration works carried out by TİKA and that the embassy continues to support the project as soon as possible. Karagoz, friendly relations between Turkey and Jordan stressed the project would move a step further. After the meeting, TİKA President Çam, who made examinations at the station where the old locomotives were located and the new museum building next to the station, received information from the authorities about the construction of the museum building. Serdar Çam, Ambassador Karagöz and the accompanying delegation left a message about the memory of the visit to the construction of the museum building, the foundation of which was laid last year, and poured representative cement on it.

The historic hijaz railway will come to life with the museum

Hicaz Railway, built between 1900-1908 between Damascus and Madinah, became one of the most important projects of the Second Abdulhamid era by facilitating the pilgrimage. The journey, which took about 40 days from Syria to Madinah and 50 days from Mecca with the completion of the line, and was dangerous due to the attacks of the Bedouins, decreased to about 5 days. The three historical buildings in Amman Station of the project, which the second Abdulhamid described with the words “Hicaz Railway is my old dream”, were left unattended for a long time due to lack of education, economic inadequacy, neglect and indifference and entered into the process of deterioration. The construction of a new museum building was started by TIKA in order to revive these three buildings and revive them to the visitors with the features of the period when the station was built. When the new museum building designed with the Ottoman architectural line is completed, the rails, locomotives, materials used for communication at the station, tickets and photos will be exhibited. In addition, the first years of the station will be revived with a multidimensional presentation of conductors, passengers and belongings in their original clothing, accompanied by historical sound recordings of the stations on the line. On the other floors of the museum, there will be a section where models of other stations are exhibited using diorama technique.

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