Hikmet Hoca's World of Trains

The program which is watched with interest by ES TV, is one of the leading names in our country on the topics of Corner Bucak Stories, Obstetrics and IVF. Dr. Hikmet was the guest of Hassa's dream world full of trains. Professor Dr. Hassa'nın 'entertainment and rest' as described in the model hobbyist people are almost enchanted.

Perhaps the most important deficiency of our nation is the lack of our hobby. We have no time to spend our free time, to develop our skills, to reflect our imagination. We have no curiosity. Some of us don't have time. Our business is our life. Our life is our job iş Always work, always work imiz is boring. It is a situation that decreases the work efficiency and decreases the quality of life. Lack of hobby is a very important shortcoming. Could there be an excuse for lack of time? When we saw Hikmet Hodja and his work, our answer is a very clear 'no'. Tevfik Eris is the guest of Hikmet Hassa at the Corner Bucak Stories. With Hodja's electronics master Çetin Darıcı, he has been acquainted with the model he has prepared meticulously for a long time. The episode or The High Speed ​​Train or starts with impressive images from Hikmet Hassa's archive.

He began to explain the model. Dr. . I have a place on my way to Istanbul, I like it very much. I still love it. Between the mountains there is a region after Bilecik. The mountains flow and the river flows right away. This is the way that dream is reflected here. There are fast trains and tunnels for old trains. Hızlı Hodja added his model to the scenes of his dream which he sometimes saw and affected.

Although the model work is based on trains, there are not many different trains. Lakes, piers, cable cars, car parks k Odunpazari Houses, TÜLOMSAŞ, old and new railway station buildings, small houses resembling village houses, sheep and lambs.

Genel I love nature, kon said Hikmet Hoca. Hoca bir It is a privilege for me to be in Eskişehir. Eskişehir's name does not change, but a name will be Yenişehir. Fantastically modern, the facilities are good… It could be nicer, it could be nicer. There are not so many cities in Anatolia that are so beautiful. Anadolu

The illumination of the model added a different beauty. Just like Eskisehir nights, it has a bright and colorful look. There are special sections in Hodja's charming model. One of them is the museum department için Steam, diesel, electric trains and old wagons.

Hoca, at a point in the model of the steam train and the side of the high-speed train side by side ... Unable to understand the value of the old can not understand. People cannot stand where they are, if nations do not know their history. History is very important. Every time I go to Ankara, there is a military monument that says 'stop' near Polatlı. How am I affected? The enemy has arrived there. We will know this history so that we will tell the young generations that we can make the value and the preservation of the place we are. Bu

Hikmet Hassa tells the story of ES TV in the imaginary world. . The Bosphorus Train “He immediately adds,“ I've traveled a lot, Bir he adds. He found the model of the train in Istanbul 'It feels like he was lucky with his words and feelings iyor. Hodja has seen by chance in Berlin and got it right away. Hodja states that he has visited places that sell such articles.

The program ends with images of Hodja again. When the program is over, I think ”It's time to get a hobby obi obi What do you say? Wouldn't it be good?

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