Response to Gradual Pricing in İZBAN

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Izmir City Committee was protested by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. İzmir City Council stated that they demanded the withdrawal of the signature in the signing of the signing of the meeting

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council 14 December 2017 dated session, the public transportation tariffs were decided to increase the rate of 10 percent. For the first boarding pass for 25 km and for the post-mileage, 0,07 TL for full tariff, 60 for student and 0,04 for tariff, 0,05 for teacher tariff TL) an application that will cause additional fees to be stopped from the date of the 15 February 2018 decision was made.

It will also be difficult to get into İZBAN
He called the decision as the Izmir City Committee to collect signatures and return from the wrong. Ahmet Çınar, who read the press release about the signature campaign, will be difficult to get on and off İZBAN after February 15. Public transportation is a constitutional right. In urban transportation, public transportation should be placed in the center and this should be arranged as a public service. It is the responsibility of a public transportation service center and local administrations that are safe, comfortable and where all citizens can be injured. We demand the removal of the 'distance based application at İZBAN' decision as soon as possible. '

No gradual pricing at İZBAN

He said he knew about the process closely for the press, but not yet many Izmirers knew that 15 would learn about it while using İZBAN one morning after February, and he continued his speech at the session of 15 December 2016 in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. 10 percent of the fee has been made, as well as a new remuneration policy has been determined for İZBAN. The new wage policy at İZBAN was based on the additional payment at the beginning of the first boarding fee: the gradual pricing il It was stated that the longest distance fee would be deducted from the card balance in the first boardings and that the station would be reimbursed after the card had been read again. The rationale for the new fare tariff was shown as the length of the İZBAN line, and it was stated that a citizen who traveled a distance traveled between Selçuk-Aliağa and 136 would be unfair to pay the same fee.

'Process imposition'

Çınar pointing out that the reasoning for the transition to the new process is unrealistic, 'Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu, at the parliamentary session, the first boarding pass from the airport station will be cut by 6,40 liras, in case it comes down in Menemen a part of the fee is paid back, and Menemen. According to this calculation, in 4,60 2017 pounds, the transportation fee, 2,60 2018 increase in the year, 77 pounds are going. The hidden hike in İZBAN is not limited to this. At the same time, each citizen using the İZBAN line will be obliged to load the balance according to the transportation cards with the longest distance. For example, if a citizen who rides to İZBAN from Alsancak station will land in Halkapınar or in Salhane, the most distance will be deducted from the card first, then re-queuing at the station where it is landed again and returned to the surplus charge card. 'Anyway I have a little balance on my card, I'm going to go two stops already, I can't say enough'. The station charged to the most remote station must be installed on our card. This is an imposition, "he said.

'The increase is the usurpation of public transportation'

Expressing that İBB is not a private company, Çınar completed his remarks as: It is obliged to observe the social benefits and the interests of the working people. In a period when poverty is increasing day by day and labor conditions of working people become more difficult, this increase in transportation fees is an important right. The right of transportation is the usurpation. Public transportation is a right. First of all, all transportation hikes should be immediately withdrawn, including the hidden hike applied in İZBAN transportation, and the gradual charging application according to the distance.

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