Environmental Engineers of the Future 3. Visited the Airport

Karabuk University Student Council and Environmental Engineering Department students 3 in Istanbul. The airport was visited by 14.International Recycling Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Fair.

Students participating in the trip are 3. He had the opportunity to communicate with the company executives and engineers in the airport and fair.

Karabük University Environment and Health Club President Muhammed Emin Gunes, who said that they are very well received, said: ın The company officials who answered our questions were very satisfied with the curiosity of our student friends and said that they are very confident to us as engineers of the future. And

3 under construction. Güneş also stated that they received information about the environmental investments of the airport and stated that the authorities had told them all stages of the project and had the opportunity to visit the construction site.

3.In the construction of the airport authorities told them about the environmental issues, especially the sun, "also in the construction area of ​​the airport environmental characteristics and the size of the project answered all the questions that are curious." He said.

3, which provides information about the airport under construction during the visit. Ülkü Özeren, Project Director for Airport Environment and Sustainability, said that he was very pleased with the students' visit and congratulated the students of Karabük University Environmental Engineering as an environmental engineer.

Source : I www.karabuknethaber.co

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