First Test Drive in Başkentray Line

The first test drive took place today on the Başkentray Line, which is now open for opening in Ankara. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director General İsa Apaydın From the social media account “Good morning Başkentray; We perform the first test with an electric suburb set between Eryaman and Kayaş.

TCDD Assistant General Managers, İsmail H. Murtazaoğlu, Ali İhsan Uygun and Murat Kavak participated in the test drive at Başkentray Line.

When Ankara-Ankara is waiting for the people of Ankara, the project of Başkentray will be operated by a commuter train in every 5 minute between Sincan and Kayaş. BNUMX will provide service to the city. and the fastest to Ankaralılar of transport services and the easiest way access will provide Ankarakart the BAŞKENTRAY in the past month in the protocol, including the integration of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and was signed in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

It is planned to extend the Başkentray line to Yenikent with two stations from Sincan.

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