TEMSA, Growing by Technology, Has Taken Smart Cities to Its Destination

Developed by the Turkish engineers, 30 has more than a thousand vehicles, and TEMSA, which has been in the 66 country, continues its domestic and foreign investments without slowing down. TEMSE General Manager Hasan Yildirim, they left behind a successful year as the company said, and added: "Last year the bus and we reached xnumx'lik percent share of midibus market and the fourth consecutive time in Turkey market leader 'we have. In 28, our turnover increased by 2017 and 17 was the first in our history. You will see that we are taking steps to reinforce this leadership in the coming period. We will continue to produce and provide employment for the country's economy. In addition, we will accelerate the transformation of TEMSA into a global technology company with our global growth vision and innovation-oriented investment strategy. In the near future, we are guiding our work with the aim of becoming a part of 'smart cities' that will guide the mass transportation around the world. In this context, we also look closely at investment opportunities abroad dış kapsam

TEMSA, one of Sabancı Holding's subsidiaries, held the 2017 year evaluation meeting in Istanbul. In the meeting hosted by TEMSA General Manager Hasan Yıldırım, 2017 year realizations and 2018 targets were shared with the participants.

When the bus and midibus markets are evaluated together, TEMSA General Manager Hasan Yıldırım underlined that TEMSA has completed the 1.500 year with a share of 28 and 2017 in the last three years. UM When we evaluate the domestic market, our market share is 27; 34 in the midibus segment; In the urban segment, the percentage was realized as 12. 2016 890 million TL our total turnover as of the end of 2017 1 billion 40 million TL we are happy to have increased to the level. Thus, we have exceeded the 2017 billion TL turnover threshold for the first time in our history in 1 as TEMSA. Böylece


Hasan Yıldırım said, iyi We meet the expectations of our customers in the best way with our 67 service network operating in Turkey and we provide them with the best customer experience. As a fruit of our investments, we have reached about 18 500 thousand units a car is parked in Turkey today. In other words, we can say that one of every three buses in our country is TEMSA. In addition to our domestic financial performance, we have left behind a very successful year abroad. In this context, we increased our total exports to 33 million dollars with a high growth rate of 172. We will continue to produce, add value and create jobs for our country and our community in the future with the strength we obtain from Sabancı Holding. Our goal in 2018 is to increase our turnover by 20; increase our exports above the level of 200 million dollars N.


Talking about the future vision and goals of TEMSA, Hasan Yıldırım said, lı TEMSA has become a technology company that makes automotive production rather than a technology-oriented automotive company. This is a great source of pride for us. Bu

Hasan Yıldırım, ecek In a world where technology is changing at a dizzying pace, only those who believe in the power of innovation and those who can develop their technology will be able to stand. That's why we are analyzing this great transformation in the world in the best way and constantly improving ourselves. Every year, we transfer the 4 of our turnover to TEMSA R & D Center. Our 200 staff works at TEMSA R & D Center. As a result of these efforts, 100 30 is the product of more than one thousand Turkish engineers, and today the vehicle in the 66 country of the world shows on the road Bu.


Hasan Yıldırım, who emphasized that electric vehicles and 'smart cities' are one of the priority issues to be considered about future visions, said, ağır While the weight of electric vehicles has increased day by day in public transportation around the world, the latest research has made 2025 a 's growth shows. As TEMSA, we are contributing to the sustainable future of our country and the world with our 33,5 electric vehicle in our portfolio. While taking up the number of electric vehicles in our portfolio, extending our charging time and range by developing the technology of our existing vehicles is among our priority targets as a company. Portf


Stressing that as TEMSA, they will be an important part of 'smart cities', which will change the concept of public transportation in the near future, Hasan Yıldırım said: But with the vision of or smart city artık, the journey between these two points is figured out. The passenger told us, 'How will you take me where I want?' he asks. In return, he basically demands three things: unravel the traffic and promise a safe journey; be sensitive to the environment; be online while traveling, and keep in touch with the other platform. These demands actually show us that we are not only bus manufacturers, but also a service provider. Bu


As TEMSA, they planned all their works in this vision; Hasan Yıldırım stated that they put technology and innovation on the basis of new projects and used the following statements about the investment plans: Hasan In the future, we will continue to take steps to strengthen our leadership in the country; we will continue to produce and provide employment for our country's economy. In addition, we will accelerate the transformation of TEMSA into a global technology company with our global growth vision and innovation-oriented investment strategy. In this context, we also examine the investment opportunities abroad and evaluate the opportunities of purchasing and cooperation. Bu

Hasan Yıldırım, who shared information about the activities of TEMSA in the 66 country from France to Germany, from Spain to the American market, gave a striking example from the US market. Indicating that the bus in the US 1.000 units TEMSA Lightning, "the United States, such as growing in a remote geography continue to grow stronger. Our share in the US market is at 10. From Facebook to Netflix, from Tesla to Google and Apple, Silicon Valley employees today are transported by TEMSA branded service vehicles. In other words, TEMSA, as a technology company, serves the technology giants of the world. Diğer

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