The Period of Urban Rail System Starts in Balıkesir

balikesir gar road was buried in green
balikesir gar road was buried in green

Balıkesir is being rebuilt with hundreds of projects, most of which will start in 2018. Zekai Kafaoğlu, the Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality who prepared many projects that will touch every sector from economy to trade, from health to farming, from 7 to 70, introduced the projects that will change the face of the city with a press conference held at Balkonuk Center.

Being one of the most important cities of Marmara Region with its unique location, agricultural production capacity, energy resources and natural beauties, Balıkesir has taken a big development attack with hundreds of projects to be realized in 2018. Zekai Kafaoğlu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, told the press about the projects related to the subject. Da Balıkesir is spread over a wide geography. To put it simply, the 3 Istanbul will fit in the area of ​​Balıkesir.

Especially our population is scattered over most of our area. For example, Kayseri has a population of 1 million 300 thousand, but 1 million 100 thousand of them live in the city center. 200 thousand are in districts and villages. Eskişehir has a population of 800 thousand, but 700 thousand live in the city center. Only 100 thousand live in districts and villages. Balıkesir has a population of 1 million 200 thousand. While there is a population of 300 thousand in the center, our population of 900 thousand live in districts and rural neighborhoods. When our geography is wide, we need to make a lot of effort and move quickly. We haven't stopped since the day we arrived. We toured all of the districts. During these visits with citizens sohbet We had the chance to listen to them and learn their requests firsthand. We came together with the mayors, district governors and headmen of our districts. We listened to their problems, demands, requests and desires. We visited our ongoing projects and saw how they were doing. Later, together with my colleagues, we blended all these and determined our projects that prioritize the primary needs of our people. "


Adding that the priority needs of the citizens are prioritized in all the projects to be carried out, Metropolitan Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu continued his words as follows; “First of all, when planning our projects; We attached great importance to justice. Whichever service we provide to our citizens living in Bandırma, we are in trouble of providing that service to Dursunbey. We wanted to be in Sindirgi, Kepsut, or Savastepe, in the center of Balikesir. Of course, while doing all of these things, it was necessary to calculate Balikesir's progress towards becoming a city worthy of dignity and behaving decently. In order for us to progress, for a city to develop, for a city to develop, for a city to achieve its goals, that city must be at peace. People should be peaceful, institutions should be peaceful, institutions should be peaceful. Where there is a fight, there is no fertility. Nobody comes to the fight. To complement this phenomenon with a saying from our ancestors; "There is no girl where there is a fight." For this, we have to finish the fight. Here we came to Balıkesir to end the fight. Mr. President appointed us for this. We came to embrace the whole of Balıkesir, 1 million 200 thousand people. Local administrators, mayors' name used to be noodle. So it was the person that everyone was sure of. We will try to be worthy of this attribute, this qualification. We will embrace everyone who voted and did not vote for us. We will be at everyone's disposal. Mayors are not people who look down. Mayors are not imperative. Mayors are the dominant people serving the city, they are the servant people. We look at this issue from this perspective, we approach it this way. What does even our president say? He says we are servants of this nation. We are also servants of Balıkesir. We will continue to serve you until the end of our tenure. ”


Stating that he worked hard in order not to leave the place, the neighborhood we did not go, with the duty of the Metropolitan Municipality he took over on 7 November, Metropolitan Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu said that he felt devoted to this difficult task and said: “We are in love with Balıkesir. We do what we do with love, we do it with love, we do it with passion. We feel dedicated. If you do not feel dedicated to what you are doing, you cannot succeed. If those things don't go to sleep at night, you can't be successful at that job. In order to be successful, you have to give yourself to your business. So much so that you can not be successful if you spend these times pleasantly or use them for authority, position, and reign. In order to be successful, you must absolutely feel dedicated. We also work with love. What did they say; working with love was tired. We start at the morning prayer, I do not remember that I went to bed before 02:00 - 02:30 at night. Everyone is asking; "Aren't you tired?" I say, “No, I'm not tired. I say we are like an Arab horse, we open as we run. ” By Allah's leave, no one can prevent us from running as long as Allah Almighty gives health and wellness. We will continue to run, we will not leave a place where we do not stand. ”


Zekai Kafaoğlu stated that they identified the shortcomings on the one hand and that they were listening to the demands of the citizen on the other hand. Zekai Kafaoğlu, who was one of the subjects that the people complained the most, was the high amount of water bills. 25 percent of the centers immediately, the 50 in the countryside said they went to the discount. President Kafaoğlu stated that these discounts contributed not only to Balıkesir people but also to citizens living in other provinces of our region. Adı When we went down on water bills, other provinces could not raise. He was able to raise at a very small rate. For example, the agenda of the Manisa Metropolitan City Council has reached the 10 water hike. City Council Members, by showing us as examples; Iler When the discounts between 25 and 50 in Balıkesir are discounted indirim, they rejected the hike. The rent prices are the same as wholesalers. We have become a wholesaler of European standards, but the shopkeepers we put into are unhappy. Immediately we went to discount rates at the rate of 30. We came to this task to make our people happy. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we said Balıkes Happy and Peaceful City Balıkesir Balıkes in our slogan. Now the faces of our people started to laugh. Artık


Kafaoğlu stated that they will establish 6 new Organized Industrial Zone in Balıkesir, which is one of the locomotive cities of Marmara Region with its 3 small industrial site, 16 mixed 3 Special Industrial Zone. On the one hand, the urgent needs will be resolved by 2, on the other hand, they will be equipped with the projects in accordance with the vision of Balıkesir 2019 said: UM In our organized industrial zones, we can say that we have no place thanks to the latest investments. We need to open new areas to attract new investments to Balıkesir. Areas to be expropriated for Balıkesir OIZ were determined. OSB activities are continuing at full speed in our districts.

We saw in the district and rural neighborhood visits that we still have more citizens in the mud. For this reason, 2018 year was declared asphalt year. The 2000 kilometer asphalt will be completed before the end of this year. X


to Balikesir kazanPresident Zekai Kafaoğlu, who made statements about the projects planned to be carried out, ended his speech with the following statements; "As I said before. While aiming to complete the urgent needs of Balıkesir and our essential projects by 2019; We need to do our best as the shining star in 2023 TURKEY, which is aimed by our President, Balıkesir. We have made our long-term determinations to prepare Balıkesir for Turkey in 2023. We have provided the necessary contacts. We continue on our way with policies and projects for the future, not with the understanding of politics that saves the day. For this, we have taken the necessary measures. If we talk briefly; The projects we aim to complete by 2019 are as follows. One of the most important problems of Balıkesir is undoubtedly the traffic problem. Crossroads will be built to ease traffic, beaches will be overhauled, and 5 kilometers of roads will be rebuilt this year in Balıkesir, which has a total of 2.000 thousand kilometers of roads.

Social housing projects will be much easier to host now. With the works to be carried out on agriculture and tourism, it will bring added value to Balıkesir and the city will change.

We needed projects that would be suitable for Balıkesir's structure and that would produce our products produced in our province directly to our consumers. To this end, we have produced a project called Rural Development Chain considering that we are at the forefront of agriculture.

In the city center and in our towns, we found that the public needed parks where people could breathe. For this we have produced new park projects. We would like to offer all the maintenance of the existing parks and to offer the parks to the service of the Balıkesir with the revised projects, where the demands of the more modern, more modern people are at the forefront.

With this and hundreds of similar projects, we are starting to bring the service to our citizens. These authorities are service authorities. As the Mayor, it is our primary duty to serve our citizens. However, our political experience has shown us that serving alone is not enough. Our people want and will want service. This is their most natural right. But our citizen wants to see this clearly; Seeing their chosen mayor next to him, directly with him sohbet wants to tell about his problem. He wants him to be with their president on his happy day on the day of pain. In short, citizens want to see themselves being put in place. We opened our doors to the public on the first day we took office to show this. I became a president that they could easily reach. We have hosted nearly 40 thousand visitors so far.

I did not visit the citizens to touch, listen to them to the districts. When I had the opportunity, I went to the rural neighborhoods, I was with our citizens and we continue to be.

We are grateful for the intense interest shown both to me and to our Municipality. We love Balıkesir and Balıkesir very much. Our door is always open to our doors. ”


Problems in traffic flow, one of the most important problems of Balıkesir, will be largely eliminated with cross-over junction and overpasses across the province.

The 2 of the interchanges will be built in the city center. The Governor's Bridge Interchange and the Courthouse Junction Center will seriously relieve traffic. Erdek Köprülü Junction, Bandırma Entrance Intersection Akçay Köprülü Intersection will organize the flow of traffic in these districts.

The courthouse will be built in front of the courthouse in Altıeylül District. 315 meters long, 20 will be meters wide.

There will be an underpass at the Bandırma Intersection. 400 meters long, 28 will be meters wide.

Along with the 4 overpass that will be built at various points of the city, traffic problems will be settled to a great extent.

With the cooperation of TCDD, the overpass to be built in AltıeylülGümüşçeşme Quarter will be 180 meters long and 14 meters wide.

Overpasses will be built at the Second Industrial Door, GOP Cement Factory and the Old Kepsut Road Basmakas.


Road construction and repair works gained momentum in 2018. kazanwill ache. 40 percent of the existing roads will be renewed throughout the province. A total of 2000 km of printing, asphalt and lithographic road works will be carried out. All of the district, neighborhood and rural neighborhood roads throughout the province will be overhauled, leaving no problematic roads. No more rural neighborhoods in Balıkesir will remain unpaved. None of our citizens will touch the mud with their feet.


One of the biggest problems of developing cities today is parking problem. In order to minimize this problem, the construction of multi-storey car park for 2.000 vehicles in Karesi and Altıeylül districts is started. Car parks with hundreds of vehicles will significantly reduce the need for parking in the city.


Automation Management System is established in the city center. The 20 intersection at critical points will be managed with smart city systems. Smart Automation System will be installed in Balıkesir and Bandırma. 24 will be a safer city in Balıkesir with watched roads and intersections.


Balıkesir will implement a very important project in public transportation. You can get a nostalgic atmosphere to Balıkesir with a tram similar to the one in Beyoğlu, to Milli Powerler Street. kazanand this tram will be able to reach the National Forces Avenue from top to bottom. Before the implementation of this project, a survey will be conducted with the people of Balıkesir and their opinions will be sought on whether this practice should be implemented. As a result, our people will have the last word in this project.


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