ABB Central Inverter PVS800 Now at 2 MW Power

With the launch of the high power central inverter PVS800-800B, a new member of the highly successful PVS57 central inverter series, ABB continues to expand its extensive solar inverter portfolio.

Following the success of the PVS800 central inverter series, ABB launched the PVS800-57B, a high-power central inverter, developed with ABB's many years of experience in power inverters technology, as a new member of the family. The new PVS800-57B central inverters reduce the overall system cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants with its compact and easy-to-maintain design with power ratings up to 2 MW. The modular direct current (DC) input design combined with the correct mirror design provides superior ease of use to system integrators.

The new PVS800-50B with more power density of 800 compared to the previous PVS57 models, is one of the most compact inverters on the market in terms of space requirement and kW per volume. This reduces the need for both installation and cabin space, reducing shipping costs. Larger inverter power rating; By allowing the use of larger transformers, it also provides a significant saving on the medium voltage side.
New ABB central inverters, full power to 1645 ° C at nominal power ratings of 1732 kW and 50 kW; It offers a wide range of operating temperatures with linear decreasing power from 50 ° C to 60 ° C. This makes the product extremely suitable for hot climatic conditions. Inverters with powers of 50 and 1645kW at 1732 ° C can also be used at 25 and 20kW, respectively, with a 1975% increase in power at 2078 ° C.

With its correct mirror design and modular DC input, the inverter offers flexibility to the system integrators, cabinet and CSF (system balance) arrangements, especially considering the DC cable type and the number of junction boxes needed. The PVS800-57B central inverter is available with the standard 24 fused busbar input, which can be extended up to 16 input. In addition, the DC input section can be equipped with integrated DC current measurement per input.

The PVS800-57B includes PVS series inverters with day and night reactive power supply function, active and reactive power control as well as standard network support features. ABB has developed the PVS800-57B with a global understanding that focuses on enabling local network requirements and support for future smart networks with adjustable network support capabilities.

ABB central inverters are designed for multi-megawatt PV power plants, and also thanks to the advanced network support function of the ABB central inverter, it is possible to meet all grid connection requirements regardless of the project location.

To ensure reliability, help meet our customers' needs, and ensure a sustainable return on investment, ABB supports its customers with a dedicated global service network that offers a complete lifecycle service in more than 60 countries.

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