Vanda Pink Bus Campaign Is Ending

Van Civil Solidarity Initiative (SDI) and Hijab Mobilization Platform (TESSEP) by the signatures collected for the pink bus application was delivered to the Van Metropolitan Municipality.

Secretary General Mustafa Yalçın, Deputy Secretary General Fazıl Tamer, Head of Transportation Department Kemal Mescioğlu, Officer-Sen Van Branch President Osman Ayşin, Civil Solidarity Initiative Term SözcüSu Haluk Inanc, Van Imam Hatip Alumni and Members Association President Mehmet Emin Akan NGO representatives and TESSEP member women attended.

Secretary General Yalçın who delivered the signatures from hand, said that the necessary work will be done and the results will be shared with them.

Yalçın mentioned about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality and made the following statements in his statement:

. I would like to thank all of you for initiating such a move and for bringing this request to our municipality. In fact, it is important for us that all our citizens make public transportation in a comfortable, decent manner. This is the right of the lady, the male, the elderly, the student and the teacher. We thought what we should do at this stage and increased our bus numbers. How many people are on the bus behind. How much of the student how much the amount of civil rights to the extent of the law makes free use. We tried to identify them. You can also know when doing this before the ticket system. The bus driver was taking both money and cash. This decelerated driving and traffic progression. So in an hour we were going to where we were going in two hours. To avoid this, we switched to the smart ticket application. In this way, how many passengers carried our bus which can reach the statistical information and take steps accordingly. Ede

Yalçın stated that it was the desire of the citizens to come to the comfort of the public in public transportation, iler But it is desirable that the ladies act more comfortably, even if they are going to be tight, it is desirable to be among the ladies. This is a very civil demand. This application is already done in other provinces. We will work with our friends this week. Maybe it may not be entirely at your desired point. But I think it would be a start. I thank you for coming again, Ben he said.

Later on, TOREP's requests for the name of Yalcin Sena Plane, 10 said that they collected over a thousand signatures, said: ın We have launched a petition. A large number of NGOs supported this. Why do we want it. We witnessed that especially the elderly and sick women survived because of the heavy bus routes on the vehicles going from the market to the Regional Hospital and from the center to the university. Apart from this, we know that these students have problems in these lines. We want to be allocated a bus for women on the busy lines under the name of pink bus. We want to be given a positive response by our municipality, this positive request, "he said.

Following the speeches, Secretary General Yalçın received the signed petitions from hand.

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