Response from CHP Spend on Infrastructure, Not Cable Car

Large and small scale development plans of the Sultanbeyli Cable Car Line to be built between Sultanbeyli Pond Park and Aydos Castle were accepted in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly.

Tarık Balyalı, a lawmaker from the Republican People's Party (CHP), who objected to the proposal, recalled that the metro tenders were canceled due to the high costs. The cost to be spent on this project should be spent on the infrastructure system of Sultanbeyli. Bu

IMM Parliament 's Sultanbeyli Gölet Park and Aydos Castle planned to be made yesterday between' Sultanbeyli Cable Car Line Project 'zoning plan proposals came. In the proposal the project area 1. degree of natural site and archaeological site remained within the boundaries.

'Sultanbeyli Cable Car Line, starting from Sultanbeyli Pond Park, ends at Aydos Castle. The project has a tourism potential, Aydos Forest and Aydos Castle is important in terms of accessibility 'said. During the negotiations, Balya said, ih Recently, metro auctions were canceled due to high costs. Costs need to be deducted. We are in favor of efficient use of resources. Therefore, this project is not a correct project for the efficient use of resources. We are in favor of spending this investment on Sultanbeyli's infrastructure bey. The proposal was approved by the votes of AKP members of parliament, despite the rejection of the CHP parliamentary members.

Source: June January - is



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