GAZİ-RAY Studies will be controlled in some streets and intersections

Due to railway expansion works in Gaziantep, it was announced that 52 will be controlled during the day.

In the written statement made by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department, the State Railways Bridge located on Cyprus Street between Ali Fuat Cebesoy Boulevard and Yeşilova Köprülü junction within the scope of the GAZİ-RAY construction work project carried out by Metropolitan Municipality Monday, February 26, 2018 Monday Traffic flow will be ensured from day 52. In the statement announced that the controlled traffic flow will continue for 400 days, “Within the scope of GAZİ-RAY construction work project, Başpınar-Gaziantep-M. The reconstruction of Yavuz Stations is continuing within the framework of infrastructure and superstructure works. In line with the infrastructure and superstructure works to be carried out on D-26 and Yeşilova Junction; The traffic flow will be provided from the service road for 2018 days starting from Monday, February 52, XNUMX due to the State Railways Bridge expansion works on the Cyprus Street between Şehitkamil district Ali Fuat Cebesoy Boulevard and Yeşilova Köprülü intersection. ”

The statement, the work to be done at the crossroads of Yeşilova citizens and drivers to be placed on the road to avoid being victimized traffic signs and directions were asked to comply.

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