European Countries Raise Diesel Trains

European countries, which banned diesel cars one by one and set a calendar, also took the railway industry. UK, 2040 diesel trains in use will be removed.

While the European Union countries for diesel cars have announced the expiration date, there has been another bad news for diesel technology. The UK government announced that the diesel trains used throughout the UK will be lifted in 2040.

British, last year, newly produced, non-hybrid diesel cars in the 2040 announced the sale of the year was prohibited.

Now 29% DIESEL
Transport Minister Jo Johnson also explained how the railway industry will gradually terminate diesel trains in a plan. According to ministry data, 29 percent of trains operating on British railways run entirely on diesel fuel.

In recent months, the British government has announced the plan of adaptation of the railroads to electrical technology to reduce train costs, increase its reliability and reduce carbon emissions.

In this context, it was approved to electrify the Cardiff - Swansea line, Midland main line and Oxenholme-Windermere route on the large western railway network.

Passengers will be able to take advantage of these electric diesel trains. Consumer groups agree on the decision and reduce the emissions, so it is necessary to implement the term investment strategy of China.

Source : Habertürk

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