Discount for Eurasia Tunnel Passage

After the hike in the Eurasia Tunnel passes, VAT adjustment was made with the decision of the Council of Ministers. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan made a statement by going across the cameras and announced that the VAT rate of 18 percent from the tolls was reduced to 8 percent.

Minister Arslan said: “Foreign exchange-indexed prices have been determined for construction-operation transfer projects, due to the fact that our projects, including the Eurasian Tunnel, are international tenders during the preparation period. And this is our contract. 2 is converted into Turkish Lira based on the exchange rate at January. However, 2017 2 is based on the exchange rate as of January. Then 2018 is taken as the basis, with the increase in the rate of increase in prices. As a matter of fact, this was the case in the Eurasia Tunnel. Our fees for 16.60 are considered as 21 lira. There is also an increase in minibus, it also increased to penny 31.50.

Of course we'd like to make no raise. However, due to the increase in the exchange rate, we increased the prices a year later and the difference in exchange rate was calculated and reflected on the New Year's Eve in the Eurasia Tunnel. 2 January from 2, which is different in Eurasia, is calculated to increase from January to 1, but we are applying XNUMX in February. The figure was slightly higher than last year's exchange rate.

We made your account last night. Today, we have started a study in order to issue a decision of the Council of Ministers. We will reduce 18 VAT to 8 in Eurasia Tunnel crossings. The VAT part is already going to the state. Thus 21 pounds will be deducted from the 19 pound 20 penny. For minibuses, the charge of 31.50 will be applied as 28.80 penny. Minib

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:48

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