Between Turkey And China Iron Silk Road to Rebuilding

Olü International Conference on the Role of Trans-Caspian East-West Trade and Corridor in the Realization of Belt and Road Initiative idor 06 was held on February 2018 in Beijing, China.

The Conference organized jointly by the Ministry of Commerce of China, Azerbaijan Ministry of Economy, Azerbaijan Railways and Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Association; China and Turkey as well as Azerbaijan, Georgia and joined officials from Kazakhstan.

Mr. Yüksel Çoşkunyürek, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Veysi Kurt, General Director of TCDD and Mr. Mehmet Altınsoy, Head of TCDD Transportation Inc. Logistics Department.

Uninterrupted Silk Road between London and Beijing to be re-established

Yüksel Çoşkunyürek, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line of 829, which is one kilometer long, was put into operation; He stated that the most important component was realized and Marmaray would be provided with uninterrupted railway connection once it was fully operational.

10 of rail transport between Europe and Asia is provided by rail

Emphasizing that 75-70 is transported by 80-10 and 10 of the 90-XNUMX is carried by rail, the XNUMX billion-dollar transport volume between Europe and Asia is carried over the Northern Corridor between Germany-Poland-Russia. this share of the carriage, the ğ Middle Corridor eleri to take more share of our country has done all the necessary moves passed.

2035 with BTK will eventually transport 3 million freight to 17 million passengers

Baku-Tbilisi Kars railway line at the beginning of the year will be carrying a million and 6,5 million tons cargo load per year and 2035 3 million passengers at the end of the year 17 million tons of freight transport is aimed to say that the region's railway route from Kars to Akhalkalaki dual line ( 108 km), the only line from Akhalkalaki to Tbilisi (155 km), from Tbilisi to Baku (566), from Baku to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Central Asia and then to China. He added that he was divided into two.

With the Central Corridor, the load carrying time will decrease to one quarter

China, the EU countries (England, Germany, France, etc.), taking into consideration the seasonal conditions of the 45-62 day of the 12-15 pointing that the same load sent from the Central Corridor XNUMX-XNUMX under the day will reach the EU countries underlined.

Coşkunyürek pointed out that if one of the cargoes sent to the EU by the EU passes through Baku-Kars-Tbilisi line, it will be enough that one-fourth of the time will be enough to deliver the cargoes in the North Corridor. 10-15 million tons per year through bilateral additional freight can be moved to the foreseen, he said.

Capacity at ports increased to 40 million TEU

On the other hand, Çoşkunyürek said that the most economical mode of transportation is to carry the sea transportation to the next level and the capacity in the ports has been increased to 40 Million TEU.

Çoşkunyürek also stated that the aim is to handle the 30-35 million tons of cargo per year with Karasu and Filyos Port Project, which will carry the productions rapidly and which will transfer the burden of the Black Sea to the East-West Middle Corridor. He emphasized that the works for the connection to the Central Corridor by rail are on-going.

2020 to increase trade volume between China and the EU 800 billion dollars

Speaking at the conference, General Director Veysel Kurt TCDD Transport Inc. toplam Middle Corridor, the number of direct and direct direct access to the country is more than 60, the total population of these countries passed the 4,5 billion, said.

Likewise, the size of the economy of this hinterlant 21 trillion dollars above the transfer of Kurt, China-European Union between 2014 615 2020 in the year of trade volume of 800 billion dollars in 117 and $ 170 to XNUMX million tons of transportation size is expected to increase the XNUMX said.

25 billion dollars investment on railway

Asia and Europe, linking underwater "Marmaray" and that Asia and Europe will connect "Edirne-Kars High Speed ​​Railway Project" Wolf explains how for the duration of studies, our country from east to west traversing Far Asia to Europe through Turkey 2200 undershoots that 25 has invested billions of dollars for significant infrastructure improvements so far.

We have bought 3 bin container wagons, we plan to buy 2 bin 500 more

In addition to infrastructure investments, TCDD Tasimacilik AS has added various measures to transport the cargoes in these destinations in an efficient, fast and high quality manner. said they are planning to buy the wagon.

500 million dollars to the locomotive fleet

Kurt said that they have expanded the fleet by investing 500 million dollars in the locomotive fleet in Europe. Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania; In Asia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and continued their cooperation with the Georgian railway transport authorities, Turkey and China among which there were record years of work they do with clients to make with 12 million tons of foreign trade of the railroads.

We plan to experiment with Turkey voyages between China

Members of the coming months in the Trans-Caspian transport corridor and "COSCO SHIPPING" together with Kurt said they plan to test train run between Turkey and China, the "Iron Silk Road" of the economy will bring dynamism in many areas such as cultural life, in every sense of development and world peace he ended his speech by saying that he would contribute.

TCDD Transport Inc. Logistics Department Director Mehmet Altınsoy, conference "Belt and Road Initiative Through the Regional Transit and Logistics Infrastructure" section of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway in Turkey gave information on rail shipments.


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