Audit Meeting for Public Transport Drivers in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department carried out an audit and information meeting for the public transportation vehicles in the city.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality working within the city and within the public transport bus drivers who are in direct contact with the citizens of the meeting organized by the Deputy Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu, department heads and bus drivers attended.

In the meeting held in the meeting hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center, the complaints delivered by the citizens, especially the absence of passengers and passengers outside the station, red light violations, keeping the doors open while on the road, keeping the vehicles clean, not talking with the mobile phone on the way and paying attention to the communication with the passengers. information was given.

Your every day steering wheel means people's life

Citizens who are in direct contact with the bus driver, the municipality is the face of the citizen, indicating that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Kemal Çokakoğlu, halinde The world is changing very quickly. We witness this in our own lives. Governments change as the world changes and brand new principles are entering our world. In this sense, local governments have the most share of these changes. Some sub-branches of local governments can be the places where this change is felt most. The Department of Transportation is a presidency of the municipality, which feels the conditions brought by the changing world conditions until the last point, and the municipality opens up to the citizens. It is very important to do a very simple job with excitement and excitement with the same sensitivity every day. Your every day steering wheel means people's life. So we should use the steering wheel properly, O he said.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz under the leadership of Turkey, important and realistic municipal exhibited and that in this direction also added that he started to feel themselves the order brought by the rules in Mersin Çokakoğl, "the xnumx't inherited municipal stops on their feet again was made a and above our heads. The rules may sometimes make people weary, but the rules of the rules we have implemented throughout the city have begun to make themselves felt. We understand this from the nature of the complaints. For example, the beach had garbage piles of important complaints, but now they are eating the core of the beach to complain about small complaints. So we're touching this city. Two years ago, the complaints to the transportation office did not come until now. There may still be some problems, but they are getting less and less. I would like to thank all of you for our services to our municipality and our citizens. I am confident that you will be able to fulfill this task effectively with more sensitivity in the upcoming period. I wish you all the accident-free services hizmet.

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