Date for Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train

Habip Soluk, AK Party Deputy of Sivas, stated that the Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train project, which is planned to be put into service in 2015, was delayed for various reasons and said, “There are deficiencies in the tunnel and the route. But our goal is to start test drives in 2019, even if it is not commercial, in the worst conditions.

AK Party Sivas Deputy Habip Soluk gave information about the latest situation of Numune Hospital Annex Building, Logistics Center, High Speed ​​Train Station, 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and Second University, which are planned to be built in Sivas. AK Party Sivas Deputy Habip Soluk said that they want to make miniatures of historical monuments in Sivas center and districts on the area where the old stadium is located. Stating that TOKİ has projects related to that area, but they are planning to build a magnificent square in that area, Soluk said, “We want to build a large area in the shape of a half-moon, that is, in the shape of a crescent, and place the miniatures of historical monuments in Sivas center and its districts there. I want local and foreign people who come to Sivas to see which work is in which district and go and visit our districts.” Underlining that it will be an area, Soluk; “A person who comes to Sivas from other cities to visit will see the miniature of Double Minaret in that park. Anyone who wants to get information about the historical artifact will be able to understand who laid the foundation of the Double Minaret by pressing a button, and what it is like today. Anyone who wants to get information about GökMedrese will be able to learn everything by pressing a button again. I am meeting with relevant institutions and individuals to implement this project. Hopefully we will be successful. Send this project to Sivas kazanI will make an effort to rise. I will meet with the Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz regarding the issue. I am ready to support all the projects that are planned to be realized in Sivas”.

Soluk, who also made important statements about the High Speed ​​​​Train and the Station Building; “The high-speed train will arrive in Sivas in 2019 at the latest. When it comes to the location of the Train Station, this issue should not be expanded. In all countries of the world, the station stations are in the city center. Station buildings of cities are prestigious buildings. There are lodgings, maintenance workshops and night houses in the station. We aspire to remove all of them. At that time, they objected to us and registered those areas. Registrations were made in 2008. If we solve the problem there, we will build a Station Building, Mosque and Commercial area in that area. Hotels and wedding halls will be built in the commercial area. I discussed this issue with 5-6 of the board members. We will discuss this issue with them, if we can cancel the court decision, we will make the station area a more beautiful area than the government square. The second university, which is frequently on the agenda, passed the Higher Education Council. The issue came to the Ministry of National Education. It was transferred from the Ministry of National Education to the National Education Commission. In the 26th Term 1 legislative year, the commission did not refer it to the Turkish Grand National Assembly for a reason I do not know. It was probably not brought to the agenda due to the July 15 coup attempt. However, the issue of establishing a second university came out of YÖK. Second University in Sivas kazanwill be removed,” he said.

Soluk also stated that Sivas had a dream of becoming a metropolitan city; Alı Sivas must be the metropolitan city. However, Sivas is not our sign. Now we will say that we are big by reducing the burdens of districts when we become metropolitan, or we will be metamorphosis by importing targets in our imports, exports and industry. You guys call me bold, but I'm what I am. If the metropolitan capital becomes apparent from the employment, imports, exports, population will be determined. Or big, not great. Ha bad for worse would not be bad for him I can not say anything, "he said.

AK Party Sivas deputy Habip Soluk, leri Sivas's historical bridges, historical artifacts and art historical works have been made. Sivas's 8 has a history of over three thousand years. Sivas is home to many civilizations in its history, far from where it should be today. Tarih

Soluk underlines the need for further development of Sivas; Orum I think we should remove and strengthen Sivas. We should increase our export figures in Sivas. We must produce in Sivas. At the same time, we should use the materials we produce and market them to foreign countries or provinces. The only thing that should go after Sivas is to develop its industry. If our industry develops, employment increases and we can see people who migrate to Sivas. 600 200 with a thousand hectares pasture We have a thousand hectares of meadow field with 800 thousand hectare pastures and 81 1 among the provinces. We rank. But unfortunately, we are on the 40 rankings in livestock. Our irrigable land in agriculture has increased but is insufficient. For example, there are rumors that Sivas is constantly migrating, but this is not real. After 1995, migration in Sivas slowed down. After 2013 year, 22 ranked among the provinces that migrated to Sivas. Year of 2007 is the year of Sivas's most emigration. There is migration to Sivas in the countryside. People living in the countryside came to the center. Some of the immigration to the center has also left our province. Merkez

Cumhuriyet University Hospital reminded that 1974-1975 was made during the years of the deputy; Yat In an investment plan published on Monday, January, 21 is an unpleasant hospital for service.
8-10 for the hospital to be held in the Ministry of Development underlines the ongoing negotiations in the Ministry of Development; Ila Today the Republican Rector will start the necessary feasibility studies. This year we will try to lay the foundation of the hospital. There will be a car park under the hospital building again. Republican University's debts are regulated. Not only Cumhuriyet University, but other universities have a lot of debt er

Numune Hospital is planned as a hospital with a block of 3 block, but one of the block indicating that the AK Party Sivas Deputy Habip Soluk; Uz We all know that the 2 block now serves. Rumors and storms were created in the construction of this hospital, but I think that Numune Hospital provides a good service. Sivaslı deserves better ”.

He also stated that the 3 block of Numune Hospital has been awarded with 270 beds. Dı Place delivery was done. The company is building the construction site. In April the project will be completed as Blocky. The center of view of the center is called the ÇAGEM 196 elderly care center with beds. The room is in the current tender. The new CAGEM will be connected to the Blocks of the Numune Hospital by tunnels. The new block will be closed for a thousand cars. The vehicle will go to the car park where the patient will be able to download his patients and transport services. A citizen who ended his work at the hospital will get out of the parking lot and there will be no traffic chaos in that area Hast

Finally 2. The deputy planned to be made to the OIZ is the Center of Poverty; Için There were several alternative places in Sivas to lay the foundation for the Logistics Center. We found a place on the 243 acres, but the private sector wanted to pay a lot on this land. We went to the bucket and found a place for the treasure. When we came to a certain point, DSI's irrigation channels came out. 2 on a new search. We went into the OIZ. 15 required the necessary examinations. This year, we will lay the foundation for the Logistics Center. If the logistics center goes there everyone invests there. We have to bring such an investor to the OSB that Gaziantep has to bring Gaziantep to the level of Bursa Biz

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