Tünektepe Project Auction Live

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Tünektepe Project, which will add a significant added value to the city with its symbolic features, is taking the tender to the tender on Thursday. The official site of the tender municipality www.antalya.bel.t iswill be broadcast live.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel defined a Devlet World project to decorate postcards'. The official site of the tender Antalya Metropolitan Municipality www.antalya.bel.t is live from. Tünektepe Tourism Facility Construction and Operation; build-operate-transfer model will be brought to Antalya.

The contractor who won the tender will run the construction of the structures and facilities foreseen in the approved project and field arrangements for the 29 year including the construction-construction period. Procurement; the operation of the cable car lower, upper station location, 6 square meters on the shore, 24 square shade and 1000 square sunbeds area operation and transfer to the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality at the end of the transfer is also included.

With the Tünektepe Project, which started with the launch of the 50-year cable car line of Antalya, a 30-room touristic facility, a attraction center and a living area project will come to life. This place will serve as a facility where people can reach and benefit from the day. The project will include one huge orange sphere among the 3 Mediterranean seals. The night view will bring a different visual to Antalya.



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