MOTAŞ drivers were given the 'Traffic Training for Public Transport Drivers' seminar

The seminar was given by the Police Department of Malatya Police Department in the Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Training Park for two days. In the training, the place of traffic in human life and the measures to be taken against it were explained with visuals and slide images.

In the presentation where there will be traffic at the place where people are, the measures that should be taken to prevent accidents in traffic and to prevent accidents that may occur were conveyed. A driver must first open the vehicle door after the external and internal controls of his vehicle and after setting up the vehicle, adjust the driver's seat and the mirrors according to him and start his vehicle by putting them in the patience gear.

It is observed that drivers who apply safe driving techniques have a very low risk of accident when driving. The drivers who sleep sleepless, careless and irritable have a high risk of accidents.

”Mutual understanding and courtesy solve even the unresolved“
Patience is the greatest solution to the risk of traffic accidents and accidents. No problems are solved by fighting in the event of an accident and after. Mutual understanding and kindness solves even the lack of solution.

Irregularity is contagious. You must be the first to prevent infectiousness in order not to make a victim.
Motas Tamgac General Manager of Anwar Sadat, the accident occurred in Turkey to evaluate the issue and said that the loss of life and injuries in the accident and share statistical information related to property damage.

Oranında We have achieved a reduction of 48 by accident rate “
MOTAŞ General Manager; Ine 2016 year According to TURKSTAT data; 418 167 accident occurred during the year. Their 6 347 was a fatal accident. 7 300 people died of these accidents. Again 228 039 303 812 injured in the property damaged accident XNUMX. This result, which arises every year, is almost equal to the losses of a country that comes out of the war, ül he said in grief and made a comparison with the previous year.

Önceki This is not enough, despite the number of accidents occurring over the year in the 2015 year in the country and the number of accidents and casualties in these accidents. Driver trainings are of great importance as well as new roads, traffic signs and markers to minimize this number. As the educational situation increases, we believe that as the roads with traffic flow improve, there will be a decrease in the accidents that occur.

Our company, which carries out the public transportation of Malatya, gives trainings on various subjects with certain periods. With the trainings we have provided, the number of accidents involving our drivers has decreased every year. When we compare the number of accidents in 2015 with 2016, we see a decrease of% 13. Again, when we compare the number of accidents with 2015 and 2017, we see a decrease of% 48. Although a good decrease in the number of accidents involving our staff is achieved, we do not see this as sufficient. We aim to further reduce this figure.

We will continue our personnel trainings in order to improve the quality of the services we provide to our passengers and minimize the accident rates. Yol

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