Traffic Training for Little Girls at Tarsus Zoo

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality gave holiday cards to Tarsus Animal Park free of charge for all students who took their report cards as a holiday.

After the trip to the Animal Park, the Traffic Training Tool of the Department of Transportation hosted the children for training.

Spring Break because of all in Turkey report the excitement of students who live holiday that best ratings for Tarsus Zoo free of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, recognition and animals of the children was enabled through both the fun. Providing primary school and secondary school students the opportunity to visit the Animal Park free of charge during the entire semester, the Metropolitan Municipality had the Traffic Training Vehicle ready for the information of the children.

The students going to the Tarsus Zoo had the opportunity to get to know the animals they couldn't see in the city life, and they had fun in the playgrounds in the park. Students had the opportunity to visit the Zoo free of charge.

Eighth grade student Zekiye Sudenur Taş, Sek I came to the animal park to evaluate the semester break. I came to the animal park before, but I wanted to come back again during the semester break. I love animals. Especially the monkeys and fishes catch my attention. I didn't know that the animal park was free and I found it upon arrival. I would like to thank Burhanettin Chairman. I love him so much. It makes us very happy to make such small surprises for us as a report card. Bize

After a successful training period, 5 says that he has come to the animal park to have a good time. student Nefise Nur Erdoğan said, sınıf We are in semester break. I wanted to come to the animal park because I love animals. I had the opportunity to see the animals I had never seen like bear, stave, leopard and badger. Mostly, the badger caught my eye. I had a nice day here. I learned at the box office that the animal park was free for us and I was very happy. It was a very nice rationing gift for us. Bizim

The children of the zoo, who came with their families, spent a day where they had fun and learned while they were informed about the animal species they had seen for the first time.

Traffic Training Vehicle gave traffic training to the little ones

Traffic Training Vehicle of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation took its place at the entrance of Tarsus Animal Park and gave traffic training to students who visited the animal park.

The minis who took their place in the Traffic Training Vehicle were given cartoons after the training. The students who got the Certificate of Achievement and the Traffic Volunteer Card for learning about the traffic rules learned the rules to be followed in the traffic by having fun.

Yiğit Ali Soysal, a third-year student on the traffic training vehicle, visited the Animal Park. I come back a second time and got in for free. I saw all the animals again. Thank you for being free. Now I'm out of traffic training. I learned the rules to follow the traffic rules for the success I have received im he said.

Ferda Soysal said that he had been doing nice activities for the students to spend quality time during the semester break of the Metropolitan Municipality and said enc I had a nice day with my son on holiday. It was very nice. I would like to thank Burhanettin Bey for making the Animal Park free for children. We visited both the animal park and my son received traffic training. He also got his certificate. The kids were very happy. I would like to thank Burhanettin Bey for these activities. We evaluated our holiday very nice. Tatil

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