Airplane Coming Out of Trabzon

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu 13 said that they wanted Pegasus Airlines Chairman Ali Sabancı to use the library, social and cultural services by deploying Pegasus Airlines's aircraft in a suitable area to be determined. . It was learned that Sabancı said that they would do their best to keep the plane in Trabzon. Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu noted that the implementation of such a project in the city could reduce the bad memories of the accident.

After landing at Trabzon airport after the runway drifting towards the sea as a result of drifting the plane can not be raised to the level of the aircraft again prepared to record the 24 January after the announcement of the President Customs Customs, düzey Pegasus Airlines Chairman Mr. Ali Sabanci and company officials in the first place approached very hot. But they said that the plane is a rented plane and that the ownership is not their own, there are insurance companies, and even if they have an insurance debt to be paid as a result of these transactions, they can also take it on their own. They said that they were very positive about the idea of ​​leaving the plane for cultural and social purposes in the first place, they would make an effort in this regard and they would evaluate our demand and let us know the result. Ve

162 passengers and 6 crew members' nose and blood loss in the absence of loss of life once again to share with the President of the Customs. We are thinking. eler

President Gümrüçüoğlu, who recorded this accident while experiencing the joy of life without any loss and loss of life, said: Then we continued to make an effort to withdraw the plane, sonra he said.

Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu continued his words as follows:

Uk Within the framework of these developments, we were pleased with the fact that both Pegasus Airlines's chairman and general manager and other teams visited our city, our passengers, the governors of our city and their managers. While this process is being followed and continued, we have been informed about the date of 24 January that Pegasus Airlines will not be able to re-fly with the reports drawn from the floating place. After that, as a Metropolitan Municipality, the bad memory can be compensated for a little while, however, some other memories of the memories in a beautiful place in the process to return to the disappearance of the process in the process of Pegasus Airlines Chairman Ali Sabancı and General Manager Mehmet Tevfik Nane to the city of Trabzon to be withdrawn as a free grant with the city of the city as a municipality, we will be deployed as a library of our children, young people as a library to benefit from the beautiful cultural structure can be made. They approached the subject very hot in the first place. However, the aircraft is a rented aircraft, ownership of the insurance does not belong to them, there are insurance companies, even though it is an insurance debt to be paid as a result of these transactions and transactions, although they can take over themselves and the plane to Trabzon for cultural and social purposes as a first thought to leave they said that they were positive and they would make an effort in this regard, they would evaluate our request and let us know the result. olumlu

Trabzon Airport, Turkey's most secure airports that one also once again expresses President Gümrükçüoğlu, "162 passengers of our and bleeding of no one's nose 6 crew, and I share my wishes just once more passed after no loss of life," he concluded with the form of expression.

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