To the attention of candidates who settled in the Turkish State

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) settled candidates, required documents with TCDD up to 23.02.2018 Friday Directorate General of Human Resources Department of Appointment and Separation Branch or our Regional Office (Haydarpasa - Ankara - Izmir - Sivas - Malatya - Adana - Afyon) Human Resources Service They must apply to the Directorates in person.


1) Report of the Health Board (full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals)

2) 2 copies of notarized diplomas (if the original is submitted, it will be sufficient to approve the copy of the diploma by TCDD representative.)

3) 2 pieces of secondary education diploma sample or document taken from school (for those with 4 year or preparation year of study time 3)

4) 2 discharge certificate (for those who have done military service) or military service certificate (those who have been suspended)

5 2 certified copy of the identity card (if the original identity card is submitted, the copy of the ID will be confirmed by the TCDD representative.)

6) 2 pcs service certificate according to 5510-c clause

7) 4 Pieces Photo

8 2 Registration

9) Forms (Click on forms to make a transaction)

- Contract 1 pieces (double-sided output will be filled and signed in a single page with handwriting),
- Security Investigation and Archive Research Form (filled out and signed in computer environment, part of the identity card confirming the copy will be left blank.)
- Work Request Form (to be filled in and signed with a single page in front of a single page),
-Mal Notification Form (will be filled in and signed with a single page in front of the handwriting),
-The Ethics Contract of Public Officials (to be filled in and signed by handwriting),
- 5 from the workplace that he has been appointed

(Sample forms)

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