Court of Accounts revealed: They went to the inspection with a contractor

sayistay appeared to the inspection through the contractor
sayistay appeared to the inspection through the contractor

State-owned Enterprise (SOE) holds the xnumx'lik chapter percent reaching 70 billion of investment in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) In ​​the 45 from contractors despite the absence of the General Directorate of works contracts, determined that 2016 vehicles. Even some of the tools allocated by the companies for the audit services to TCDD could not be identified.

The audit report of the TCA on the 2016 year of the General Directorate of TCDD made important findings regarding the UM company vehicle X application.

Construction works contract between TCDD and contractors, contrary to the General Specification için outside the buildings to be done by the building supervisors to work and sleep, office equipment, computer materials, land and passenger vehicles, all expenses of the contractor to be used up to that it will be allocated ğı. In the General Terms and Conditions of Construction Works, although 2016 was allocated to the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in 358, although there was no regulation regarding the allocation of the vehicle to the administration, all the expenses were related to the contractor.

'We didn't get any information'
The Court of Accounts auditors reported that the data provided by the Railway Maintenance Department could not provide accurate data and that the 111 was a passenger vehicle. 1 terrain vehicle, 40 terrain and 37 passenger car, 77 vehicle, other apartments and Regional Directorates have identified a large number of vehicles to be assigned to the Surveying Department as well as the XNUMX terrain vehicle.

Genç 9 vehicle (8 vehicle and 17 passenger vehicle information), within the scope of the Palu-Genç-Muş construction contract, has not been informed about whom the 7 vehicle has been allocated. 9 land, 2 annual road maintenance contracts 8 passenger vehicle (no information on whom the vehicles were allocated), Yerköy-Sivas replenishment 1 off-road vehicle (10 land vehicle information in the scope of 4 construction work contract was not received) 10 land and 3 13 vehicle (7 vehicle for whom the 7 vehicle is not allocated). 3 vehicle (10 vehicle and 1 car in 10 land and 1 passenger car) in the Bandırma-Menemen Signaling and Telecommunication project. 11 land and 1 XNUMX vehicle (X NUMX vehicle general directorate.)

In the scope of other construction contracts, the information included in the report is that all the expenses are taken by the contractors and taken to the final acceptance.

They didn't return
In the 2015, although it was requested to return the vehicles taken from the contractors, TCDD continued to use in the report. In the 358 year where 2016 new vehicle was allocated, it was reported that many surplus vehicles were taken in projects such as Palu-Genç-Muş and Ankaray. The TCA demanded that the implementation of TCDD with the means to procure the work of building control through the means of service procurement, the implementation of the allocation of free of charge vehicles from the contractors under the contracts is not well controlled and the application of the surplus vehicle allocation.

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