Under the train of İZBAN person died badly

An unidentified person in Konak district of İzmir died under the İZBAN train and died badly.

The accident occurred in the evening near the Xalum metro station near the 23.00. Allegedly, a person allegedly used drugs, near the metro station Hilal wanted to move across the rails. But in the meantime, between the Tepeköy and Aliağa İZBAN trains, the person who wanted to cross the street. 112 health teams on the incident when the situation was reported that the person lost his life. 110 AKS teams from the scene, the person who lives by staying under the train pulled out of the place. As part of the investigation into the incident, the engineer of the train was taken into custody, the identity of the dead on the search of the identity of the person learned that no identification. According to the initial determinations, the lifeless body of the learned man was removed from the morgue of the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute after the prosecutor's examination. After the autopsy of the Forensic Medicine Institute, the identity of the deceased will be determined.


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