Chaos Logistics Industry in Iran Also Hits!

The days of events in Iran continue to increase their violence. The number of those who lost their lives while increasing the number of Turkish media. It is also possible that Iranian authorities can take tough measures against the incidents and that large-scale interventions can be used to suppress the insurgencies, and even Iran's doors can be completely closed.

Noting the strong economic relations between Turkey and Iran International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association Chairman Emre Eldener of both foreign trade logistics industry could be affected by this negative situation, he said.

The events in Iran is about a week's time, as well as all the world was caused by conversion to the region in the eyes of Turkey. While the spread of internal turmoil in Iran is a concern in neighboring countries, it is likely that Iran will close all its doors to the world. East-West axis of international trade, indicating that one of the major actors of the flow may affect the tension in Turkey economics taking place in Iran International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association Chairman Emre Eldener, "The news we are following with concern. First, the social tension in one of our neighboring countries is sad and worrying for all of us. We hope that the events will be settled as soon as possible Olay.

Emre Eldener also pointed out that the tensions experienced in Iraq and Syria in recent years have caused our country's economy and said: ara Iran is not only our neighbor but also one of the most powerful economic actors of the Middle East. The removal of sanctions against Iran at the 2016 was a promising development for the logistics sector. Because Iran is connected to Europe through the transportation lines passing through our country. Likewise, load flow to Iran from Europe also raises the transit freight traffic passing through Turkey, "he said. Emre Eldener emphasized that Iran has an important place in our foreign trade. And Our trade volume, which declined to 15 billion dollars during the embargo period, is expected to find 30 billion dollars after the lifting of the embargo. At the same time, within the framework of our bilateral economic relations, many Turkish companies have made significant investments in the region in recent years. Warehouse and fleet investments were made.

In addition, due to the Syrian events in the south remained idle fleets, with Iran's increased trade volume thanks to the re-mobility. However, the threat of re-security of the region will damage the road transport activities in particular. For this reason, the spread of events across the country is primarily human and then economically worries us. Bu



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