Sapanca-based ropeway project 7 will end in months

Sapanca Mayor Aydin Yilmazer, 10 January Journalists Day due to the press meeting with the press gave the gospel for the project.

In the recent days, which will be done on the agenda of the cable car project to Sapanca 7 is planned to be completed within the month of President Yilmaz, said, "Sakarya people hope 7 will ride the cable car in the month. Pointing out that the tourists who came to Sapanca to do 24 hours, they also made programs and studies about the project. Yilmazer, Sapanca tourism district for tourism from overseas and abroad to come to Sapanca or the future of the masses want to come to the question of why we want to come to Sapanca. We do the program and work on how to fill in 24 hours for incoming families. I hope we will implement the ropeway project in Mahmudiye. 70 acres of land in Mahmudiye 4 a year ahead by seeing the future of the tourism district that we think we will need because we rented. 4 has been paying the rent for years and we will put one leg of our ropeway without any trouble today and we will put the other foot on the Kırkpınar central main road route. Work on the project continues at a great pace. The project executives said the project was progressing in an easy way X I hope we will take the cable car after 7 months after we cut the license kolay.

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