Tekkeköy Logistics Village Will Make Doping Effect on Employment

Hasan Togar, Samsun's Tekkeköy district mayor, told the muhtars and representatives of non-governmental organizations, saying, “The Logistics Village established in Tekkeköy will have a doping effect on employment”.

Samsun Logistics Center Tekkeköy Mayor Hasan Togar organized breakfast program in the district protocol, headmen, representatives of civil society organizations in the construction of the Logistics Center Tekkeköy was introduced.

Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Mayor of Tekkeköy, Mayor of Tekkeköy, organized by Tekkeköy Municipality Mayor Öztürk and with the participation of the Metropolitan Municipality and Tekkeköy Municipality Head of Department. was introduced to representatives.

Logistics Center will make a doping effect on our economy and employment

Tekkeköy Municipality Mayor Hasan Togar stated that they aim to introduce and adopt the Logistics Center in Tekkeköy. Gibi We have designed such a program in order to explain what the Logistics Center project whose works are almost completed means what kind of gains our district has. Muhtarlarımızda district governor, district governor friends, citizens and many more people ask us questions about the Logistics Center. What is Logistics Center? What does it do? Does it contribute to us? encounter with dozens of questions like. We answer these questions to us, but we have organized such a program in order to let everyone know the importance of the giant investment made especially here and tell everyone. Our muhtars are the ambassadors of the neighborhoods, the ear of the ear falls on them the greatest task. On the other hand, the directors of the apartment, representatives of the civil society board; presentation and project to citizens, is important to convey, tanıtım he said.

Employment of 5 people in Logistics Village

Stating that the Logistics Center will make great contributions to the economy and employment of Samsun and Tekkeköy besides the country's economy, Mayor Togar said, “Our logistics village project, which is wondered by everyone who ranks first among the biggest investments of the city in the national and international arena; In our breakfast program that we organized in the logistics village area with the participation of our Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, District District Governor Günay Öztürk, our Metropolitan Apartment Supervisors, Deputy Mayor and Municipality Supervisors, we introduced them to our district governors, muhtars and representatives of non-governmental organizations. When the Logistics Center starts to work at full capacity, it will not only employ approximately 3 thousand to 5 thousand people, but will also make a great gain to our economy. Land, sea, air, railway transport network, such as a combination of all components contain Logistics Center, the city and the district so we will upgrade to Turkey's 4th largest logistics base and storage location. In addition to this gigantic project, which has introduced our Logistics Center promotion program, which is of great importance in the national and international arena, once again, on behalf of myself and my district, to our Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, who has always brought important projects to our district and changed the surroundings of our district and city. I would. I would also like to thank our superiors, directors, vice presidents, mukhtars and representatives of non-governmental organizations who participated in our program. ”

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