TCDD Transport Evaluates 2018 Training Goals

TCDD Tasimacilik AS, the first training board meeting was held on 05 January 2018 at the Head Office building in Ankara.

TCDD Transport General Manager Veysi Kurt, Deputy Director General Çetin Altun, as well as former Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras, who retired yesterday, and the heads of departments, business, regional coordinator and service managers attended.

We have increased transportation and revenue and reduced costs at 2017

General Manager Veysi Kurt, in his speech at the Education Board, underlined that TCDD Tasimacilik AS has left one year behind, and obtained important data in 2017, and said: si Despite some difficulties in our company in the first year due to the separation of infrastructure and train operators, and increase in freight transportation and decreases in costs. The positive data obtained in this one year is never accidental. It was carried out under important operations and operations. I would like to thank all my colleagues for this occasion. This positive table will be even better in 2018. Because we strive to make today better than yesterday, better. Çünkü

The aim of education is to perform changes in behaviors

He underlined that the main purpose of the training is to carry out a change in behavior. Our state is behind us. Very good investments are made in our sector and support is provided. We have to work by thinking differently from yesterday and believing that it can change at any moment. Dün

Aim for zero error

Kurt emphasized the importance of developing good relations with all stakeholders and considering each employee's company as his own company and said, inin We will not be at the desk. We'il be in the field, in the lab and in the kitchen. We'il be on top of it. Faults and faults must be zero. If we become innovative, if we differ, if we work hard, if we work for our country and our company, if we use the powers given to us in the right place within the framework of the legislation, the problems become zero. Most of us have state experience over the 25 year, we have a corporate culture, so we have the power to achieve what is best. Ç

We're going to touch the staff in the far-flung corner.

Kurt also said: iyileşme We must live a continuous improvement and beauty. We have to remind people. This is the difference between the manager and the leader. We must be in constant innovation and change. No matter how much technology develops, our main aim in education is to provide a good change in behaviors and to create awareness. Teknoloji

If you cut the small part, you've done it

In his speech, Kurt recounts the memory of Atatürk during the construction of a railway tunnel. ”Atatürk visited the tunnel construction and showed a small piece of rock in his system. Commander, 'very hard, but we could break this small piece,' he says. Ataturk smiles 'okay here you can break it if you can break it,' he answers. We have achieved good data despite this year's difficulties. We're better than yesterday. Every day we carry a hundred thousand tons of cargo, 400 thousand passengers, 30 thousand tons of dangerous goods. It's not easy. I would like to thank all my colleagues for these beautiful results. I celebrate the 2018 year of all the railroads again. Tekrar

2017 staff received in-service training at 12.500

Human Resources Department Head Dursun Kizilbuga 2017 680 training program in the 12.500 personnel training is carried out, 2018 940 training program will train 13.000 personnel.

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